An Understated Dominance Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Shocking Turn of Events


The Sovereign Sky Sword transformed into a black lightning bolt, after piercing through Yamamoto’s chest, it returned to Dustin’s hand.

Blood slowly flowed down the blade, gathering at the tip before dripping onto the ground, creating tiny blood splatters.


Yamamoto’s body trembled, and he dropped from the sky, his knees hitting the ground heavily.

He remained motionless in a kneeling position.

The entire scene fell into sudden silence.

All sound seemed to vanish, and you could hear a pin drop.

Whether it was the General’s figthers, the guests, or the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix ninjas, everyone stood there in stunned silence.

Their faces were marked with shock.

They couldn’t believe it. Yamamoto, the formidable Sword Saint of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, had been impaled by a single strike from Dustin.

The entire process happened so suddenly, without any warning, that no one had reacted in time.

They only saw a black lightning bolt flash, and then the mighty Yamamoto knelt down.


Yamamoto lowered his head, his face filled with disbelief.

At this moment, he had a massive hole in his chest, and he could even see the scenery behind him through that hole, including the shocked face of General Murray.

This perspective was strange and somewhat eerie.

“Why? Why can you… hurt me?” Yamamoto forced out these words with a raspy voice.

General Murray was severely injured and had lost his combat strength. Normally, he should have been invincible here.

He never expected such a turn of events.

“Why? Go ask the King of Hell…”

Dustin didn’t waste any words. He walked forward and raised his hand, swiftly beheading Yamamoto.


When Yamamoto’s head fell, everyone finally woke up from their daze, and the scene erupted with unprecedented shock.

“Dead… He’s dead? Am I seeing this right? This kid actually killed Yamamoto?!”

“Oh my god! This is the Sword Saint of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, a top-tier martial arts master, and he was just killed with a single strike! Isn’t this too unbelievable?!”

“What’s this kid’s background? How can he be this terrifying? He’s like a monster!”

“A single strike to kill the Sword Saint of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix? Is this guy even human? When did our provincial city produce such a freak?!”

After a brief moment of silence, the entire scene exploded with astonishment.

The looks directed at Dustin were like he was a monster, filled with shock and disbelief.

They had thought that disaster was imminent for the General’s family today, and they had even prepared to make a run for it.

But in the end, at the critical moment, Dustin had actually turned the tide and killed Yamamoto with a single strike.

Now, they were at a loss, especially Chase and Vivian’s group, who were having a hard time accepting this.

They couldn’t comprehend how Dustin could be this powerful.

Wasn’t he just a lowly insurance salesman?

Wasn’t he a nobody without any background?

Why? Why could he defeat the Sword Saint of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix?

Could it be that Dustin had been hiding his true abilities all along?

Had they only seen the surface, just a disguise?

If that were the case, the consequences would be quite severe.

A person who could kill the Sword Saint of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix with a single strike would be respected and revered everywhere they went, no matter where they were.


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