An Understated Dominance Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Victory and Acknowledgment

Even the various official institutions had to treat him with the utmost respect. Without exaggeration, given Dustin’s age and the strength he had displayed, he could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the old general in the future. Such a young prodigy was someone they would need to look up to for their entire lives.

The biggest problem was that they had previously shown contempt and disdain for Dustin, even resorting to harsh words. If he were to seek revenge, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Thinking about this, Chase, Vivian, and their group felt a shiver down their spines and deep regret. On one hand, they regretted offending Dustin, and on the other hand, they regretted their own foolishness for not recognizing the treasure sooner.

If they had built a good relationship with Dustin in advance, rising to success in the future would have been effortless.

“Well done, young man. You hid your abilities so well that I didn’t see through it at all,” General Murray sighed in relief after the shock had passed. Although the General’s fighters had a strong foundation, it couldn’t withstand this continuous onslaught. Fortunately, Dustin had turned the tide; otherwise, the General’s mansion might have become a river of blood.

“We won… Bro Dustinin won! We don’t need to escape!” Shiela cheered with tears of joy. However, Caden wore a somewhat complicated expression, torn between happiness and worry. While it was worth celebrating that the General’s household had survived, Dustin’s outstanding performance and their past conflicts left him unsure of how to face the situation.

“Kill all the remnants of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, leave no one alive!” After slaying Yamamoto, Dustin didn’t stop. He swung the Sky Sword and, with the General’s personnel, began to massacre the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix’s ninjas. Without Yamamoto, these ninjas were defenseless and were quickly slaughtered, crumbling like a house of cards.

This deadly game that had been set up for five years ultimately ended in the General’s tragic victory. Although they eliminated the invaders, the General’s family had suffered significant losses. They had not only expended a considerable amount of elite strength but also affected many guests, who were all part of the General’s network, spanning various industries. With such losses, it would take several years to fully recover.

The only thing worth celebrating was that General Murray emerged unscathed. As long as he lived, the General’s Mansion would not fall and would eventually regain its former glory; it was only a matter of time.

After the battle ended, the official forces from the provincial city began to arrive. Numerous soldiers swarmed in to escort and clean up the scene.

It was only at this point that the suspended hearts of the people finally fell.

“Young man, thanks to you this time, or else this old life of mine would have been in jeopardy,” General Murray approached Dustin and expressed his gratitude.

“General, no need to be so polite. It was just a small effort,” Dustin replied with a slight smile, not wanting to take too much credit. After all, he still owed General Murray a favor for the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom matter, and he considered it even now.

“I really couldn’t tell. I didn’t expect you to be this powerful. You’re no less impressive than your mother back in the day,” General Murray said with satisfaction.

“General, you’re too kind,” Dustin replied humbly before taking out a pill and handing it over. “This is a Gemiphen I refined, and it works wonders for treating internal injuries. General, you can give it a try.”

“Oh? Is that so?” General Murray was curious. After inspecting the pill, he swallowed it without hesitation. In no time, he wore an astonished expression and praised, “Indeed, it’s a miraculous elixir! The meridians I had just blocked and the stagnant internal energy (qi) and blood are now all unobstructed. It’s truly amazing!”

“I didn’t expect you to be not only extraordinary in martial arts but also a master in alchemy and medicine. You truly excel in both literary and martial arts!” General Murray chuckled. “If only a talented young man like you could become my grandson-in-law.”

With this remark, Shiela, who had just approached, blushed instantly.


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