An Understated Dominance Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148: Just joking

“You say that again?”

Scarlet’s expression turned icy as she held her sword with one hand, its tip pressed against Natasha’s throat. With a slight forward movement, she could end Natasha’s life in an instant.

Natasha, seeing the sharp blade so close to her neck, couldn’t help but furrow her brows. She hadn’t expected Scarlet to be so impulsive, drawing her sword at the slightest provocation. It was clear that this wasn’t a mere threat; another provocative word could result in her demise.

It seemed that she had encountered a formidable opponent.


Just as they were locked in a standoff, Dustin suddenly rushed in.

“Dustin, you’re here?” Upon seeing him, Scarlet immediately sheathed her sword, her previous coldness replaced by a friendly smile, like that of a neighbor’s little sister.

“Scarlet, what were you doing just now?” Dustin frowned, showing some displeasure.

“It’s nothing, I was just joking with Miss Natasha,” Scarlet replied with a smile.

“Joking?” Dustin turned his gaze to Natasha and asked in a soft voice, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I was just a bit bored, so I wanted to see Miss Scarlet’s sword. She simply handed it to me,” Natasha smiled.

These words surprised Scarlet. She had thought that Natasha might report the incident, but unexpectedly, she had come to her rescue.

“It’s good that nothing happened. Swords and blades have no eyes. Be careful in the future. I don’t want any harm to come to either of you. Do you understand?” Dustin’s gaze, as he said the last three words, shifted to Scarlet, carrying a hint of warning.

“Okay, I understand,” Scarlet lowered her head like a scolded student.

If anyone else saw this, they would probably be shocked. After all, who in the Dragonmarsh would dare to reprimand The Goddess of War in this manner?

“Dustin, come with me for a moment,” Natasha suddenly put on a professional fake smile and then walked out of the reception hall.

Dustin’s eyelids twitched, feeling a sense of unease for no apparent reason. But there was no avoiding this, so he followed her reluctantly.

The two of them walked to a secluded spot, and Natasha suddenly stopped and turned around. Her smile grew even brighter.

However, the more she smiled, the more Dustin felt uneasy, sensing a hidden agenda behind her words.

“Natasha, what do you want to ask? Just ask, I have nothing to hide,” Dustin said nervously.

Natasha chuckled, giving Dustin’s shoulder a friendly pat. “No need to be jumpy; I’m not about to devour you,” she reassured him, flashing a warm smile. “So spill the beans. Who’s this Miss Scarlet? She sounds like quite the character.”

Dustin leaned in, sharing the scoop. “Well, Scarlet’s actually part of the Spanner clan over in Stonia, and folks call her the ‘Goddess of War’ in Dragonmarsh.”

Natasha’s eyes widened in surprise. “Scarlet? The Goddess of War?” She was genuinely taken aback. “I never saw that coming.”

She’d definitely heard of the Goddess of War before. Scarlet was Stonia’s pride and joy, a standout among the younger generation, holding an enviable position at the apex of the Dragonmarsh hierarchy.

Natasha’s curiosity was piqued even further. “What’s the deal between you two? Why did she come looking for you?” She had always known Dustin was something special, but a connection to someone like Scarlet had taken her by surprise.

Dustin sighed, revealing the family tie. “She’s my sister. She still sees me through the lens of our childhood, and change doesn’t come easy for her. But I’m hopeful that over time, she’ll come to see things as they truly are.”

Natasha’s tone took on a hint of jealousy. “So, you two really were childhood sweethearts?” She pressed further, a touch of bitterness in her voice. “And that engagement she mentioned, is that for real?”

“What engagement? It’s just a childhood pact; it’s not something serious,” Dustin shook his head, emphasizing the lack of real commitment. “The ties between our families have faded since my mother passed away, and I genuinely see her as nothing more than a sister. There’s no romantic spark there.”

Natasha, with a tinge of jealousy, remarked, “Sister? But it seems like she doesn’t quite share that sibling sentiment. She’s stunning; can you really resist her allure?”

Dustin’s response was heartfelt. “Even if she’s beautiful, she can’t hold a candle to you.”

A pleased grin spread across Natasha’s face. “Well, I didn’t expect you, the unflappable man, to be such a charmer.”

“I’m just speaking the truth,” Dustin affirmed.

Natasha’s grin widened. “Haha, okay, you passed the test,” she declared, her mood lightening. “I won’t blame you for whatever went down with Scarlet, but be cautious. That girl seems to lean heavily on you. Mishandle it, and things could go south.”

While Natasha had never met Scarlet in person, she knew of her reputation. Scarlet was renowned as a ruthless and unforgiving female warlord who wouldn’t hesitate to take lives. Since her rise to fame, she’d been a lone wolf, showing no favoritism, not even to the royal family.

Yet, today, in Dustin’s presence, Scarlet had acted more like a fangirl. She not only cooperated without hesitation but also showed hints of nervousness and fear, as if she dreaded disappointing Dustin.

Being a woman herself, Natasha could sense that Scarlet was deeply infatuated with Dustin, perhaps to an obsessive extent. People with naturally reserved and unemotional dispositions often became completely consumed by love when it struck. If Dustin were to inadvertently hurt her, it could push her over the edge.

“She’s like a sister to me, and it’s going to remain that way. It might take some time for her to accept the reality,” Dustin stated plainly.

Natasha nodded thoughtfully. “I hope so too.”

“Hey there, Bro Dustin, are you guys done with your chat?” Scarlet’s voice echoed from a distance. She had been waiting patiently in the reception hall for quite some time and couldn’t resist coming out.

Dustin turned to her, concerned. “What’s up?”

“I’m starving,” Scarlet admitted, patting her empty stomach.

“Well, since Miss Scarlet here is hungry, how about we head out for a bite to eat? There’s a new restaurant in town, and it’s the perfect chance to give it a try,” Natasha suggested with a cheerful grin.

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s go grab a meal,” Dustin agreed, then called the others to join in. They all hopped into their cars and left the Lodge in search of some good food.

However, as soon as they left the Zypher Lodge, two business cars secretly followed them


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