An Understated Dominance Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: VIPs

Half an hour later, at the entrance of Celestial Heights Restaurant.

Two luxury cars slowly came to a stop, and the doors opened, with Dustin and his group getting out one after another.

Celestial Heights Restaurant was a newly opened high-end restaurant known for its excellent ambiance, service, and food. It had gained a good reputation, attracting many dignitaries and celebrities.

Due to their prior reservation, Dustin and his group were quickly escorted to the second floor by a high-level female server.

The second floor was the VIP area, with regular VIP guests seated in the main hall, separated by screens between the tables. For even higher-ranking VIPs, there were private rooms available, providing a more exclusive environment and service.

“Miss Harmon, please follow me,” a high-level female server in white led them with a smile. Eventually, they arrived at the entrance of Room No. 3.

Just as they were about to enter the restaurant, a woman in a sharp black professional suit suddenly blocked their path. Pinned to her chest was a badge that read “Assistant Manager.”

“Hold on! This room is already occupied. Please find another available room for our guests,” the female assistant manager declared.

“Evelyn, are you sure you’ve got this right? Room No. 3 was reserved ahead of time for these guests,” the server in a crisp white uniform questioned, puzzled by the situation.

“We’ve got a bit of a situation here. Some VIPs are on their way, and they specifically requested Room No. 3. It needs to be vacated immediately!” The female assistant manager’s tone was firm and no-nonsense.

“Evelyn, isn’t this against the rules? The guests have already made a reservation, and changing rooms at the last minute is not a good explanation,” the white-clad female server said hesitantly. “Besides, all four of the Platinum rooms are already occupied, and there are no rooms left.”

“If there are no Platinum rooms available, can’t you just give them a Diamond room? Why all the fuss?” The female assistant manager sounded noticeably impatient, her words barely above a whisper.

Dustin, with his keen hearing, caught every word.

“Evelyn, you know the Diamond rooms are a far cry from the Platinum ones. The guests probably won’t accept that,” the white-clad server replied in hushed tones. “Besides, they’ve paid for a Platinum room; it wouldn’t be fair to offer them a Diamond one.”

“Enough of this! Let me handle it,” the female assistant manager declared with a tight-lipped expression before approaching Dustin and his group, putting on a forced smile. “Dear guests, there was a little hiccup on our end. Room No. 3, the Platinum room, is temporarily unavailable. Would you mind moving to the other side? We have several Diamond rooms available for your selection.”

“Half an hour ago, we had already made a reservation, and now you say it’s unavailable. Isn’t it a bit too late for that?” Dustin said calmly.

Dustin could understand if there were valid reasons for the change, but it was becoming evident that they were being treated unfairly. Both parties were paying customers, so why the unequal treatment?

“This gentleman, our restaurant has its policies. I hope you won’t create any complications,” the female assistant manager insisted with a strained smile.

Dustin arched an eyebrow. “Am I the one creating complications, or is it you who plans to give away our reserved room to someone else?” He spoke with a hint of skepticism. “If I heard correctly just now, that’s your intention, isn’t it?”

The female assistant manager frowned, momentarily taken aback, but quickly composed herself. “Well, since you’ve overheard, let me clarify. We’ve had some high-profile guests arrive at Celestial Heights Restaurant, and they specifically requested Room No. 3. I hope you can understand, and we’ll make sure everything is satisfactory.”



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