An Understated Dominance Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Platinum Room Reservation


The female assistant manager felt her breath catch, and her feet were suddenly suspended in the air, her face turning beet red.

A wave of deathly fear spread through her heart.

She never expected that this seemingly silent old lady would have such incredible strength, effortlessly lifting her with a single hand.

She had no doubt that if the lady exerted even a little more force, her neck would snap.

“Well, killing you would be a bit extreme. A couple of slaps as a lesson should do.” Dustin spoke up.


Scarlet nodded and followed with two resounding slaps, leaving the assistant manager dizzy, teeth scattered, and nose bleeding profusely.

After the beating, she was tossed aside as if she were trash and unceremoniously thrown out of the room.

“Cough… cough…”

The assistant manager coughed violently, her face swollen beyond recognition. It took her a while to recover.

“You… you’ve gone too far. I won’t let this slide!”

The assistant manager’s face contorted with rage as she spoke and then rushed downstairs.

However, as soon as she reached the staircase, she collided with a group of people, tumbling head over heels with cries of pain.

“Who the heck? Who’s so blind to…”

The assistant manager was about to unleash a string of curses when she saw the newcomers, and she froze instantly, hastily replacing her scowl with a fawning smile. “Miss Dahlia, Madam Dustin, you’re here?”

The newcomers were none other than her esteemed guests.

Leading the group was none other than Dahlia!

Beside her were Florence, Julie, and Aunt Victoria, among others.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you have eyes on your backside? Didn’t you see us coming in? My new designer shoes are covered in dirt because of you! How unlucky!”

Dustin launched into a tirade, pointing to the footprints on her shoes.

“Madam Florence, I’m so sorry, it wasn’t intentional. I’ll clean them for you right away.”

The assistant manager nodded profusely, kneeling down on the floor and using her own sleeve to meticulously wipe Florence’s shoes clean.

Her obsequious and humble demeanor was a stark contrast to her previous encounter with Dustin.

“Alright, alright, just stay away from me!” Florence said impatiently.

“Mia (the assistant manager), what happened to your face? Did someone hit you just now?” Julie unexpectedly interjected.

“Miss Julie, I just encountered some hooligans who tried to forcibly occupy the VIP room I had prepared for all of you. I stood my ground, and they resorted to violence. It’s truly despicable!” Assistant manager Mia replied indignantly.

“What? Someone dares to compete with us for a spot? Who has the audacity? Haven’t you told them about our status?” Florence said, looking displeased.

Their social status and position had changed dramatically over the years.

Even aristocrats showed them respect and deference.

“Madam Florence, I did tell them that you are honored guests and the most esteemed VIPs of our Celestial Heights Restaurant. However, these hooligans completely disregarded it and even threatened that if you dared to compete with them, they would attack all of you!” Mia began to stir the pot.

If these VIPs were willing to speak up for her, then the people in the Platinum Room No. 3 were in for a world of trouble.

“This is absolutely outrageous! They dare to lay a finger on us? I’d like to see who these audacious individuals are!” Florence fumed.

“Lead the way! Today, we’ll teach these ignorant people a lesson!” Julie was also furious.

“Alright, alright… please follow me.”

Mia nodded, then led the group to the entrance of Platinum Room No. 3. “Madam Florence, they are inside here.”


Florence, full of anger, didn’t waste any time. She kicked the door wide open and walked in with her head held high. “Who was it that wanted to compete with us for a spot? Stand up if you have the guts!”

“It was me.”


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