An Understated Dominance Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 The Asking Price

Watching Florence, who seemed to ignore his presence, Dustin found it somewhat amusing. Based on her behavior, appearance, and attire, Florence should have encountered a benefactor that had led her entire family to become immensely wealthy.

Not only did they have money, but they also had power and status.

They were arrogant and domineering. Now that they had both money and influence, they became even more uncontrollable.

Such behavior was not surprising to Dustin at all.

“Hey! Are you listening to me? Hurry up and name your price. I’m busy and don’t have time to waste with you!” Florence began to urge.

“The price I’m offering, you probably can’t afford,” Dustin shook his head.

“Can’t afford it?” Hearing this, Florence laughed immediately, a look in her eyes as if she were looking at a fool. “Dustin, you really have no sense! Do you know what our status is now? Do you know how much money we have? See this gold card? There’s enough money inside to crush you!”

“That’s right! Times have changed, and our status and position now are heights you’ll never reach in your lifetime. You will always be looking up to us from the bottom!” Julie held her head high, appearing extremely arrogant.

In their eyes, Dustin was just a young man living off the wealth and influence of Natasha, acting arrogantly in various ways. But now, with the backing of the Montgomery Royalty, they didn’t even take Natasha seriously.

A mere daughter of a nouveau riche family couldn’t be compared to the Montgomery Royalty.

The gap between the two sides was simply insurmountable.

“Enough already, stop wasting words. My patience is limited. Get on with it,” Florence started to press harder.

“Since you’re so wealthy, then I won’t hold back. If you want us to change rooms, this is the price,” Dustin extended one finger.

“Ten thousand dollars?” Florence sneered. “A loser is always a loser, with no vision whatsoever. It’s no wonder you can only live off women.”

“Dustin, I can only say that you missed an opportunity to get rich,” Julie mocked, making Dustin appear foolish.

“Here you go! Ten thousand dollars, consider it a reward for you. Now, get lost!” Florence made a hand gesture and had her bodyguard fetch a stack of cash, which was thrown at Dustin’s feet with an air of condescension.

“Are you trying to dismiss a beggar?” Dustin chuckled.

“What? Is ten thousand not enough?” Florence raised an eyebrow. “Do you think you’re worth more than that?”

“One hundred billion!” Dustin said something shocking.

“What? One hundred billion?!” With those words, Florence and her companions were completely dumbfounded.

This guy, was he out of his mind?

Did he seriously just ask for one hundred billion, as if they were printing money?

Although they were wealthy, they wouldn’t pay one hundred billion for the right to use a Platinum Room. Only a lunatic would do that.

“Exactly, one hundred billion. As long as you pay, I’ll leave immediately,” Dustin said with a sly smile.

You like to flaunt your wealth, don’t you? Today, I’ll let you do it to your heart’s content.

“Dustin! Have you gone mad? How dare you ask for such an exorbitant sum?” Florence was getting frustrated.

“Dustin, I can only say that you’ve lost your mind. One hundred billion? Do you think you’re worth that much?” Julie shouted.

“That’s right! We could offer you ten thousand dollars, which was already a generous gift. But now you want one hundred billion? Who gave you the courage?” Aunt Victoria joined in, ridiculing Dustin.

“Are you suggesting robbery is quicker than extortion?” Dustin said seriously. “Besides, it was your request for me to name a price. Now that I’ve done it and you can’t afford it, it’s your own fault for lacking the means.”


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