An Understated Dominance Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Defying the Second in power

“Flower Girls?”

Brayden’s words left Evan utterly puzzled.

Dustin has a pretty face, and he is a better-looking man from every perspective than Brayden is. But, why is he telling him “Flower Girls”? “Is Brayden attracted to this dude (Dustin)?” Evan is feeling awkward.

“Well, well, I can’t believe my luck today. Encountering not just one but two Flower Girls,” Brayden mused, rubbing his chin with a lecherous look as he scanned Natasha and Scarlet.

One exuded charm and allure, while the other had a cold and haughty demeanor.

Two women, both incredibly beautiful but with completely different auras, sat there quietly.

It was as if they were the most exquisite pieces of art, waiting for him to appreciate, touch, and pour forth his affection.

Compared to these two stunning beauties, the models and celebrities he had been with before seemed utterly ordinary.

Normally, encountering someone of this caliber was a rare treat, worthy of celebrating.

But today, he unexpectedly stumbled upon two of them. Truly, the heavens were smiling upon him!

No matter what, he was determined to make the most of today, indulging in a double delight.

“Sir Brayden, are you checking out those two?”

Evan followed Brayden’s gaze and finally caught on.

” Who do you think I’m checking, you idiot? Brayden replied, his irritation evident. He adjusted his tie and wore a self-satisfied smile, striding confidently over to them. “Ladies, may I inquire about your names?”

“I’m Dustin Rhys. How can I assist you?”

Dustin positioned himself in front, shielding Natasha from Brayden’s lecherous gaze.

“Why’s it matter to you? Did I ask for your input?” Brayden shot back, clearly annoyed. “You even know who I am? Or who my brother is?”

Damn it! He was just appreciating the beauty when this big guy suddenly popped up. What rotten luck.

“I don’t care who you are, and your brother doesn’t interest me either. It’s in your best interest to keep those inappropriate thoughts to yourself, or don’t be surprised if I’m not so polite,” Dustin calmly declared.

“Hey! Who on earth are you? How dare you speak to me that way?” Brayden took off his sunglasses, revealing a defiant stare.

“Sir Brayden, he’s the guy I told you about, the one causing trouble at the Celestial Heights Restaurant!” Evan whispered to him.

“Oh… so you’re the troublemaker,” Brayden said, sizing him up and asserting himself. “Kid, do you know who I am? I’m Brayden, the second in power of the Grant family! In this area, no one has ever dared to disrespect me. If you don’t want to end up as dog food, you better kneel before me, kowtow (touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission for mercy), and then deliver your women to my bed. If you do that, I might spare your wretched life.”

“The second most powerful in the Grant family? So what? You think that makes you a big shot? I haven’t even care about your older brother, Tyler. Why should I care about you?” Dustin maintained his impassive demeanor.

“Oh, you’re quite young but full of bravado!” Brayden sneered. “Who granted you the audacity to be so cocky in my presence? Being this outspoken might just come at a hefty price for you!”

The Grant family was the top among the three major families, practically ruling over everything in this area. Apart from the young members from the Murray and Hill families, Brayden knew nearly everyone. Clearly, Dustin wasn’t one of them.

In other words, this guy (Dustin) is not up to par.

In fact, as long as they didn’t belong to the other two major families, Brayden could easily oppress and manipulate them without any concerns.

“Sir Brayden, don’t bother wasting your time talking to this guy. Just go ahead, grab him, and show him a lesson!” Evan urged from the sidelines.

“You’re absolutely right, Sir Brayden. This guy’s arrogance knows no bounds; he has no respect for you. He definitely needs a good lesson!” Mia chimed in.


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