An Understated Dominance Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163: Killing Spree

Under the leadership of Erik, the Grant family’s henchmen began to counterattack, pushing back the disciples of the Kirin Gang.

Erik (a.k.a. “The Thunderstorm”) was a master of both internal and external martial arts, and his strength was exceptionally formidable. Even the several innate warriors from the Flame Dragon Guild were no match for him.

He was like a tank, relentlessly advancing and leaving no one capable of stopping him.

“Good! Well done! Kill them for me!”

Seeing this, Brayden’s spirits soared, and he roared with madness.

Fortunately, he had Erik by his side to hold the fort; otherwise, he would have been defeated today.

“Damn, who is this guy? How can he be so powerful?” Mia asked quietly, her eyes filled with both astonishment and excitement.

“This man is called Erik. He just returned from training in Stonia, and his strength is extremely formidable. It is said that he is also an elite disciple of the Balermo martial arts alliance!” Evan explained with a look of reverence.

“The Balermo martial arts alliance? Is that the most powerful sect in Stonia?” Mia widened her eyes.

In the Dragonmarsh, there were three major forces: the Balermo martial arts alliance, the Mystic Arts Order (Witchcraft Cult), and the Glenstead arts alliance (Sword Sect). Each of them was a colossal presence and even had the privilege of direct communication with national authorities.

Moreover, they enjoyed certain privileges.

“That’s right!”

Evan nodded firmly. “In fact, Erik is not only a disciple of the Balermo martial arts alliance, but also the nephew of the leader of the martial world in Balermo, Ronald Reeds! His entire cultivation is based on Ronald Reeds’s true teachings!”

“What? The nephew of Ronald Reeds?!” Mia was taken aback.

Although she was not a member of the martial world, she had heard of Ronald Reeds’s name.

The leader of the martial world in Balermo, the foremost of the Five Grandmasters.

He was the most powerful figure in all of Balermo!

Being able to receive such a powerful person’s true teachings explained why Erik’s strength was so extraordinary.

“Hehe… it looks like this guy, Dustin, is in for some bad luck today!” Julie smirked, finding the situation rather amusing.

“Hmph! He deserves it! A good-for-nothing pretty boy, daring to act so arrogantly. He’s just asking for trouble!” Florence crossed her arms and stood by, enjoying the spectacle.

“You’re right. Daring to strike the second in power of the Grant family, he’s going to pay a heavy price!” Aunt Victoria said with a cold expression.

Dahlia remained silent, simply observing.

For some reason, she felt an inexplicable nervousness when she saw that Dustin was in danger.

It was quite strange.

“Kill, kill, kill! Kill them all for me!”

Watching Erik sweeping through the crowd, Brayden laughed maniacally, his face appearing somewhat sinister.

He not only wanted to dismantle Dustin but also to thoroughly toy with those two arrogant women.

“Let me handle this!”

Seeing that the disciples of the Kirin Gang were struggling to hold their ground, Cornelius finally made his move.

With a single step, he leaped into the air like a soaring eagle, then thrust his palm towards Erik in the midst of the crowd.

“Seeking death!”

Erik quickly sensed the danger and immediately retaliated with a fierce counterattack, using his rapid and powerful fist to strike Cornelius.


Their fists clashed.

A violent surge of true energy erupted.

Within a radius of five meters, everyone was sent flying, creating an open space.

In the moment of impact, Cornelius executed a graceful somersault and landed gracefully.

As for Erik, he staggered back several steps, leaving deep footprints on the second-floor floorboards.

“Young man, your strength is quite impressive.”

Cornelius raised an eyebrow, his expression filled with surprise.


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