An Understated Dominance Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168: Stirring Up Trouble

The disciples of the Kirin Gang didn’t hesitate and rushed forward to clean up the mess after Thunderstorm’s death.

Without Thunderstorm leading the way, the Grant family’s henchmen were no match for the Kirin Gang. In no time, they were all knocked down.

“You’re finished, kid! You killed Thunderstorm and beat up my Grant family’s men. From now on, you are the enemy of both our families! There’s no place for you in the entire Balermo!” Brayden roared angrily, looking somewhat frantic.

“Oh?” Dustin scanned the scene and then turned his gaze back to Brayden, taking slow steps towards him. “I almost forgot about you. What did you say just now?”

“Don’t come any closer!” Brayden panicked as Dustin approached. He yelled with a fierce expression, “I warn you, my brother is General Tyler, and the entire Grant family stands behind me. If you dare to touch me, you will have no way out!”

“Is that so?” Dustin snorted, suddenly reaching out and grabbing Brayden’s face. He then slammed Brayden’s head against the wall with a loud “bang,” leaving a small dent.

Brayden felt dizzy, his mind going blank.

Fresh blood began to flow down from the back of his head.

“I won’t kill you today. Go back and tell your brother Tyler not to play any tricks anymore. If he dares to target the Harmon family again, I guarantee I will dismantle your Grant family!”

“Now, get lost!” Dustin grabbed Brayden’s head and threw it aside. Brayden’s body flew several meters before crashing through a window and falling outside the Celestial Heights Restaurant.

He wailed in pain.

Seeing this, Evan and Mia were startled and didn’t dare to say anything more. They hurriedly left the Celestial Heights Restaurant, while carrying the seriously injured Brayden away in their car.

“Dustin, do you realize the trouble you’ve caused?” Dahlia suddenly spoke up. “You killed Thunderstorm, offended the Martial Alliance, and now challenged the Grant family. Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“From the moment the conflict erupted between both sides, the die was already cast. Even if I didn’t kill Thunderstorm or beat up Brayden, they still wouldn’t have let me off,” Dustin said calmly. “So, I might as well give them a profound lesson. I want to make them fear, make them regret, and make them never dare to provoke me again.”

“You’re too naive. Your actions will only exacerbate the conflict and make you more dangerous,” Dahlia frowned.

“I’ve already done it. Saying these things now is meaningless. When you walk barefoot, you’ll not afraid of losing shoes. If they really want revenge, they can come at me. I’ll break the net even if it means the fish die,” Dustin said emotionlessly.


Dahlia was frustrated. This guy in front of her was truly stubborn and seemed to have no idea how severe the consequences could be.

Even if the fish died when the net was broken, there needed to be corresponding strength.

He knew some martial arts and had a few hooligans as acquaintances, but with only this level of strength, how could he compete with the Martial Alliance or challenge the Grant family?

Wasn’t this like a moth flying into the fire?

“Dahlia, why are you bothering with that guy? Aren’t you just creating trouble for yourself?” Florence was suspicious.

“Yeah, Cousin, why are you concern with him? He’s just a stranger you’ve met a few times,” Julie said strangely.

“I don’t know either. I just feel like I owe him something,” Dahlia said thoughtfully.

Upon hearing this, Florence and the others were taken aback. They had put in a lot of effort to keep this matter a secret. If Dahlia really remembered something, it would be troublesome. No! They had to prevent these two from meeting again in the future; otherwise, it would be a disaster!


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