An Understated Dominance Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169: Unrest in the Martial Alliance

Night quickly fell.

At this moment, inside the headquarters of the Martial Alliance in Balermo, a group of high-ranking members of the Martial Alliance gathered around Thunderstorm’s corpse, discussing and pointing fingers.

An hour ago, when Thunderstorm’s body was brought back, it had caused a huge commotion throughout the Martial Alliance.

Countless key high-ranking members had been immediately summoned.

Thunderstorm was not only an inner disciple of the Ballermo Martial Arts Alliance but also the nephew of Martial Alliance’s leader, Ronald Reeds.

In terms of talent, strength, status, and position, he was among the top figures in the entire Martial Alliance. Many believed that Thunderstorm was the future successor to Ronald Reeds.

As long as he survived for a few more years, when Ronald Reeds stepped down, Thunderstorm would become the new leader of the martial world!

The sudden death of such a talented and outstanding figure had naturally caused a sensation in the entire Martial Alliance.

“Where’s my son?!” At this moment, a burly middle-aged man with disheveled hair burst into the scene, shoving people aside as he rushed forward.

Wherever he went, the crowd automatically made way, and those who were too slow to react were sent flying by the man.

This man was none other than Thunderstorm’s father, Asher Reeds.

Asher rushed through the crowd, making his way to Thunderstorm’s corpse.

He lifted the white cloth covering the body and, upon seeing his son’s lifeless face, he was struck as if by lightning. He stood there in stunned silence, his face filled with disbelief.

“My son!”

After a few seconds of dazed silence, Asher suddenly wailed and fell to the ground beside the corpse, beginning to sob uncontrollably.

He had put in so much effort to nurture such an outstanding son, and Thunderstorm hadn’t even had the chance to make a name for himself or establish dominance in the martial world. Why had he died like this?

Overwhelmed by grief, Asher cried bitterly, his tears flowing freely.

After a bout of crying, he suddenly raised his head, his face twisted with anger as he shouted, “Who did this? Who killed my son? Who had the audacity to do such a thing?!”

“According to the Martial Alliance’s investigation, it’s likely that Dustin killed Thunderstorm,” reported one of the attendants.

“Du… Dustin?”

Asher gritted his teeth, filled with resentment. “Someone! Capture this scoundrel named Dustin for me! I want to personally tear him apart!”


The attendant was startled and quickly cautioned, “Elder Asher, please calm down. Dustin has a significant background. We must not act recklessly!”

“I don’t care about his background! He killed my son, and he must pay the price!” Asher seized the attendant’s collar and threatened fiercely, “If you dare to stop me, I’ll kill you too!”

“Master Asher, please don’t be agitated. I have no intention of stopping you. It’s just that Dustin is incredibly powerful. Ordinary martial practitioners wouldn’t stand a chance against him,” the attendant explained, his face turning pale from fear.

This guy in front of him was none other than Ronald Reeds’s brother and a Martial Alliance elder. He naturally couldn’t afford to offend him.

“Ordinary martial practitioners can’t deal with him? Then bring the Law Enforcement!” Asher roared.

“The Law Enforcement won’t work either. Dustin is a teenage grandmaster. He openly defeated the Grandmaster Augustus in the past. Only our Martial Alliance’s leader can suppress him!” The attendant hurriedly explained.

“What? A teenage grandmaster?!”

Upon hearing this, Asher was momentarily stunned, and his volatile emotions subsided by half.

He might not have known Dustin personally, but he had heard of the name of a teenage grandmaster.

As the champion of the Knighthood Martial Arts Tournament and the person who defeated the Grandmaster Augustus in open combat, this young grandmaster’s reputation was known throughout Balermo.

Apart from the top five grandmasters at the pinnacle, no one could match a teenage grandmaster.

Fortunately, someone had reminded him in time. Otherwise, if he personally sought revenge, he might end up implicating himself.


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