An Understated Dominance Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: Arrogant Challenge

At this moment, the girl with twin ponytails stepped forward and greeted Dustin and Cornelius with clasped fists. “I’m Aria Stormblade, a disciple of the Zenithblade Order. May I know your esteemed names?”

“My name is Dustin, and this is Cornelius,” Dustin introduced simply.

“Senior Dustin, Senior Cornelius,” Aria courteously greeted them again.

“Damn it! Who let you interfere earlier?” Cameron, who had been slapped, finally regained his senses and immediately ran to the unconscious leader of the Law Enforement. He kicked and punched the fallen leader in a fit of anger and frustration.

After being slapped for no apparent reason, he had developed a murderous intent.

“That’s enough, Senior Cameron. Don’t hit him anymore, or someone might die,” Aria hurriedly intervened, sensing the dangerous situation.

“Humph! He deserves to die for letting them interfere. Worthless scum, relying on someone else’s backing!” Cameron was still unrelenting, kicking and punching the unconscious leader before finally feeling satisfied and walking away.

“Sir dustin, Sir Cornelius, this is our Elder, Cameron,” Aria introduced once more.

“Pleased to meet you,” Dustin nodded slightly.

“Humph! Who asked you to meddle just now?” Cameron wore a cold expression and spoke with displeasure.

“Hmm?” Dustin was momentarily confused.

Had this guy taken the wrong medicine?

“What’s with your attitude, Elder? Sir Dustin and Sir Cornelius were helping us,” Aria immediately explained.

“Help? Did I need their help? Even if they didn’t intervene, I could have handled those trash!” Cameron stood with his hands on his hips, full of pride.

Finally, there was an opportunity to shine, but someone had stolen his thunder, and he was naturally unhappy about it.

“If you could have handled it, you wouldn’t have been slapped and sent flying by that person just now,” Cornelius remarked casually.

“You… what do you know!” Cameron’s face froze, and he retorted angrily, “It was a sneak attack just now! If it had been an open and fair duel, even if all of them joined forces, they wouldn’t have been my match!”

“He’s right! Our Elder is exceptionally talented and powerful. He can take on a hundred opponents single-handedly without any problem!” Several other Zenithblade Order disciples expressed their agreement.

Among all the disciples of the Zenithblade Order, Elder had the strongest strength.

Once, he had single-handedly fought off more than ten bandits barehanded and had been hailed as a great hero by the villagers.

His reputation had spread far and wide.

“Sneak attack? He attacked you right in front of your eyes, so how is that a sneak attack?” Cornelius calmly responded.

“You… Do you understand anything?” Cameron glared at him and said, “I argued with him reasonably, but he suddenly attacked. If it weren’t for that, do you think he could have hurt me? Honestly, if it had been an open and fair duel, even if all of them joined forces, they wouldn’t have been my match!. If you dare to say that you can defeat me, why don’t we have a friendly match to see who wins?” Cameron initiated the challenge.

If he couldn’t even defeat an old man on the verge of death, he might as well jump off a cliff.

“Come on! Weren’t you questioning our Elder’s strength? If you have the guts, let’s settle it on the stage and see who wins!” Other Zenithblade Order disciples joined in the provocations.

“Master Dustin, I ran out of my patience,” Cornelius took a deep breath, showing signs of losing his temper.

These guys truly didn’t know their own limitations.

“What? You don’t dare to accept the challenge?” Cameron sneered. “Remember, from now on, keep your eyes open and don’t try to provoke me, because you can’t bear the wrath of a future grandmaster!”


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