An Understated Dominance Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175: Stirring Up Excitement

“Alright, Elder Cameron, let’s not cause any more trouble!” Just when Cornelius was about to lose his temper, Aria immediately spoke up. “Regardless of the situation, Sir Dustin and Sir Cornelius helped us. Speaking to people like this is too disrespectful.”

If it weren’t for Dustin’s intervention earlier, she might have already perished. Now, Cameron’s disrespectful words made her feel quite unhappy.

“Aria, it wasn’t my intention to cause trouble. These guys just looked down on our Zenithblade Order. I wanted to prove and show them the unique skills of our Zenithblade Order!” Cameron justified himself.

“Is this how you’re showing them? It’s clearly provocation! If you continue like this, I’ll be very upset!” Aria frowned.

“Alright, alright, I was wrong earlier. I won’t show off anymore. Please don’t be angry,” Cameron said with a conciliatory tone.

“Sir Dustin, Sir Cornelius, I’m sorry about my Elder. He can be a bit impulsive sometimes. I hope you two won’t take it to heart,” Aria turned around and apologized to Dustin and Cornelius.

“It’s fine. Considering that you’re a reasonable young lady, I won’t hold it against this kid,” Cornelius finally managed to suppress his anger.

“Humph! Just putting on a show!” Cameron sneered.

If they really fought, he could easily defeat this old man.

“Sir Dustin, Sir Cornelius, let’s go in together,” Aria extended an invitation.


Dustin nodded without saying much.

The group entered the Martial Alliance and quickly made their way to the martial arts arena.

At this moment, the martial arts arena was filled with people, with various martial sects gathering together.

Of course, those who could sit in the front row were mostly prominent figures in the martial world.

The disciples of the Zenithblade Order looked around eagerly, their eyes filled with anticipation.

With their background, they had never seen such a bustling martial arts event before. Many of the influential figures here were people they admired and looked up to.

“Hey, isn’t that Tristan Emberheart from the Galewind Hall? I heard that his leg techniques are extraordinary, combining softness and hardness to achieve the realm of leaving no trace. He’s considered one of the top young talents in the martial world of Balermo!”

“Not just Tristan Emberheart, I see Adrian Storm from the Stellar Gate. It’s said that he possesses mysterious techniques that can control people’s minds at will. He’s a formidable character!”

“Look over there! It’s Victor Thorn! He’s the number one expert of the Shinefield Sect, and at the age of thirty, he’s already become a venerated figure in the Martial Alliance, with profound martial cultivation. He’s a true genius!”

The disciples of the Zenithblade Order chattered excitedly, pointing and discussing the renowned talents of the martial world.

They hadn’t expected to see such famous young prodigies in person.

“Humph! What’s so impressive about them? They just have better resources and started cultivating a few years earlier than me,” Cameron said sourly. “With my talent, if I had the resources they do, I would already be a Martial Grandmaster by now!”

“That’s right! Elder has extraordinary talent, and there’s no doubt he’s on par with these people!” the others agreed.

“Elder, it’s good to have confidence, but don’t be too overconfident. We, the Zenithblade Order, still have some gaps compared to these renowned sects,” Aria cautioned sensibly.

“Aria, it seems like you don’t believe in my abilities,” Cameron retorted with a challenging tone. “Let me tell you the truth: with a few more years of growth, even that renowned young grandmaster in Balermo would be no match for me!”


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