An Understated Dominance Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176: Overconfident

When Cameron made that statement, some of the nearby martial artists gave him strange looks. Who was this idiot? How dare he compare himself to a young grandmaster? This person had slain the Grandmaster Augustus and challenged the leader of the martial world. Even the top talents of various sects didn’t dare to be so arrogant. Where did the audacity come from for an unknown person like him to boast like this?

“Elder, please be cautious with your words!” Aria furrowed her brows and whispered, “A young grandmaster is a rare martial genius once in a century, a monstrous existence. We can’t compare ourselves to him.”

They hadn’t even reached the Innate Realm while a young grandmaster had become a Martial Grandmaster at the age of twenty-something. The gap between them was like heaven and earth. Even if they worked hard their entire lives, they wouldn’t be able to catch up.

“Hey! Aria, are you trying to dampen his enthusiasm? You should know that your Elder is destined to become a martial master. Compared to that young grandmaster, there’s no difference,” Cameron said confidently.

“You’re absolutely right! As long as Elder takes it seriously and breaks through to become a martial master, it’s just a matter of time!” the disciples of the Zenithblade Order agreed.

“Young and ignorant, how could a mere Post-Natal Martial Artist dare to boast of reaching the Martial Master level? I don’t know where your confidence comes from,” Cornelius suddenly interjected.

He had been cultivating for decades, but he was still stuck at the halfway point to becoming a martial master. Hearing someone like Cameron, who lacked talent and strength, speak so casually about reaching the martial master level was absurd. He even dared to compare himself to Dustin; it was arrogance mixed with ignorance.

“Humph! What do you know? An old man with fading eyesight like you can’t see my excellence?” Cameron raised his head and spoke righteously. “Believe it or not, give me three to five years, and I’ll definitely break through to the Martial Master level!”

“Three to five years?” Cornelius sneered. “Even if you give yourself three to fifty years, it’s still impossible. You might as well give up that hope.”

“Heh! You old man! Look down on me, do you? If you dare, we can spar right here!” Cameron glared, ready to fight.

“Elder, not again!” Aria furrowed her brows.

“Aria, it’s not my fault. This old man is deliberately provoking me,” Cameron shrugged.

“Elder, everyone here is not to be trifled with. Don’t be so arrogant in your speech, please be more humble,” Aria advised.

“Aria, there’s no other way. My talent is exceptional, and my strength is outstanding. Even if I wanted to be humble, I wouldn’t be able to do it,” Cameron shook his head and sighed, appearing as if he were struggling at a higher altitude.

“Oh? So powerful. In that case, I’d like to learn from you. May I ask who you are?” At this moment, a crisp female voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone turned to look and saw a group of young men and women dressed in martial attire, emanating strong auras, walking towards them.

Leading the group was a woman in a red robe with a white veil on her head. She held a longsword, and her eyes were cold and piercing. As she walked, an invisible pressure radiated from her, causing the crowd to automatically give way.

“Who are you?” Cameron sized her up.

The woman removed her white veil, approached slowly, and said coldly, “I am Serena, the Chief Disciple of the Boulderthorn hall in the Zen Order!”


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