An Understated Dominance Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177: Challenge Accepted

“What? Serena Skylar, Chief Disciple of the Boulderthorn hall in the Zen Order(aka Black-tortoise Sect)?!”

The moment Serena revealed her identity, the surrounding area erupted in astonishment.

The Zen Order was already one of the top sects in Balermo, and Serena, as the Chief Disciple of the Boulderthorn hall, was a renowned and formidable figure among her peers. Her profound cultivation and exceptional swordsmanship made her stand out among her peers.

“Rumors say Serena is ruthless and unfeeling, never hesitating to kill. It looks like these guys are in trouble.”

“It serves them right! A disciple from a low-level sect dares to compare himself to a young grandmaster. He’s truly arrogant and ignorant!”

The surrounding people began discussing animatedly, wearing expressions as if they were watching a show.

In the martial world, strength was the ultimate truth. Whoever had greater strength had the final say.

“So, you’re Senior Serena. I’ve heard of your name for a long time,” Aria quickly greeted with a respectful salute, trying to defuse the tension.

However, Serena didn’t even spare Aria a glance and locked her cold gaze onto Cameron, saying in a chilly tone, “Didn’t you just say that you have exceptional talent and strength? Come, let me witness it. Show me what you’re made of.”

With these words, she drew her sword and tossed the scabbard at Cameron’s feet.

In the martial world, this was a challenge. If he accepted, it meant they would have an open and fair fight. If he refused, he would be ridiculed and his reputation tarnished.

“Madam Serena, my Elder was just making a joke. Please don’t take it seriously,” Aria quickly tried to smooth things over. “Today, everyone is here to witness the battle of grandmasters. There’s no need to ruin the atmosphere. Please, as my Senior Sister, show some magnanimity and don’t lower yourself to quarreling with us.”

“Hmph! The young grandmaster is my idol. What are you? You dare to boast shamelessly! Now, you have two choices: either kneel down and apologize, or accept the challenge and have me break your legs!” Serena declared.

“Serena! Don’t be so arrogant!” Cameron finally lost his temper and retorted, “Are you just relying on the backing of the Zen Order? What’s so great about that? If it’s a one-on-one fight, I might not necessarily lose to you!”

“Elder, what are you saying?” Aria was alarmed.

Serena was no ordinary person. She was the Chief Disciple of the Boulderthorn hall in the Zen Order, an Innate-level expert. Her Elder hadn’t even touched the threshold of the Innate Realm. Why did he dare to challenge someone like her?

“Aria, don’t worry. She’s just a woman; I don’t take her seriously. Watch how I defeat her today!” Cameron was brimming with confidence.

This was the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself. If he could defeat Serena, he would become a prominent young talent in Balermo.

“Elder, please…” Aria implored.


Cameron interrupted Aria. “You stay here, Aria. Today, I’ll use this opportunity to gain fame!”

With that, he walked confidently toward Serena, exuding an air of victory.

“Sister, don’t worry. Elder must have made a breakthrough recently, and it will be easy for him to deal with a woman!” The disciples of the Zenithblade Order were filled with unwavering faith in Cameron.

“His courage is commendable! He dared to accept the challenge!” Serena squinted her eyes, her expression somewhat unfriendly.

“Hmph! Young and ignorant! He even dares to challenge a young grandmaster?” The surrounding crowd couldn’t help but sneer.

In the martial world, the gap between Post-Natal and Innate martial artists was insurmountable. For a Post-Natal practitioner to challenge an Innate expert was akin to a moth flying into a flame.


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