An Understated Dominance Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 – The Needle Shot

“Whoa, is this guy out of his mind? How can he talk to Liam like that?” exclaimed one onlooker.

“This kid is insane, completely unaware of how serious this is,” added another.

“A warrior from a minor sect dares to challenge Liam, the elder of the Soul-suppressing Sect? He’s practically begging for trouble!”

The murmurs and gasps rippled through the crowd in response to Dustin’s audacious words.

People pointed and whispered, appearing utterly dumbfounded.

In the presence of a master like Liam, couldn’t one simply surrender? Offer a few apologies, perhaps a bit of embarrassment, but at least you’d save your life.

But no, this guy had chosen a different path. He knew he couldn’t win, yet he decided to confront Liam head-on. Wasn’t that sheer recklessness?

“What’s going through this guy’s head?” Serena furrowed her brow, genuinely not wanting to escalate the situation. Unfortunately, Dustin’s words had already taken the matter to an irreparable level.

It was no longer just about her; it was about the reputation and dignity of the entire Soul-suppressing Sect.

“Sir Dustin!” Aria said, his voice low and urgent. “He’s the elder of the Soul-Suppressing Sect. We can’t afford to offend him. We need to apologize quickly, or disaster will follow.”

Serena alone was already a formidable opponent. Now, with the addition of the more powerful Liam, their situation had become dire.

“Boy, what did you just say? I didn’t catch it. Would you be kind enough to repeat it?” Liam’s eyes narrowed, his face darkening ominously.

Since gaining fame, no one had dared to disrespect him like this.

“You didn’t hear me clearly? Alright, I’ll oblige,” Dustin replied calmly. “I said, even your master, Alexander Cheng, wouldn’t dare to address me this way. So, who do you think you are?”

As soon as those words left Dustin’s lips, Aria’s face turned ashen.

Their fate was sealed. There was no way out now.

“Hey! Are you out of your mind? Are you trying to get us killed?” Cameron, who had once been very arrogant, was now visibly shaken.

After the recent battle, he had come to terms with reality and understood the vast gap between major and minor sects.

” I won’t shed tears until the funeral,” Serena shook her head knowingly. She understood that Dustin’s words weren’t just an affront to Liam; they had deeply offended the entire Soul-suppressing Sect.

“Boy, you’re asking for death!” Liam finally couldn’t hold back any longer. With a swift move, he lunged forward like a tiger, determined to tear Dustin apart with his bare hands.

In the face of this sudden attack, Dustin remained unfazed and simply flicked his finger.


A silver needle shot out.

During his sprint, Liam felt his knees go weak, and he tumbled to the ground uncontrollably, looking utterly embarrassed.

The sight stunned everyone into silence, leaving them momentarily dumbfounded. No one had expected that the esteemed leader of the Soul-suppressing Sect, one of the top young experts, would tumble in such a humiliating manner in front of all their eyes.

It was the equivalent of public defecation without any toilet paper—utterly mortifying.

“Brother Liam, what is going on?” Serena’s lips twitched, her expression strangely amused.

Liam struggled to his feet, inspected his knee, and discovered a silver needle embedded there.

“Damn it!” He yanked out the silver needle and crushed it into powder. His face contorted with rage as he glared at Dustin. “You dare use tricks on me?”

” Should you attempt another approach, I won’t display the same leniency.” Dustin replied coolly.

“Enough of this nonsense! You’re dead! I’ll tear you to pieces!” Liam bellowed in anger. “Someone hand me my weapon!”


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