An Understated Dominance Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 – The Astonishing Upset

“Holy cow! Is this real? This guy defeated the Soul-Suppressing Sect’s leader with just one finger?”

“What’s going on here? How can this kid be ridiculously strong?”

“Where on earth did this beast come from? It just utterly defeated Liam. Unbelievable!”

The unexpected twist in events sent shockwaves rippling through the crowd.

Initially, Liam had been seen as the undisputed favorite, but he was effortlessly subdued by Dustin.

The glaring disparity in their abilities was evident to everyone.

Speculations and theories were running wild, and the atmosphere crackled with disbelief.

“Is he seriously this formidable?” Serena’s eyes widened in amazement. At first, she had believed that Dustin’s forte lay solely in concealed weaponry, but she hadn’t anticipated such sheer physical strength.
With just one finger, he’d sent Liam flying. Among the young warriors of Jiangnan, it seemed no one could match him.

“Du… Sir Dustin actually defeated Liam?” Aria rubbed her eyes, doubting if she’d seen correctly.

Liam, the chief disciple of the Soul-Suppressing Sect, was someone they’d held in high regard. To think that Dustin had defeated him in a single move was simply inconceivable.

“The leader of the Soul-Suppressing Sect is a disappointment, isn’t he? He can’t even beat this kid. What a disappointment!” Cameron sneered, his arrogance making a swift comeback.

In his view, he was superior to Dustin. If Dustin could defeat Liam, then he had a chance to perform even better.

With that thought, he regained his lost self-assurance.

“Who… are you?” Liam rose shakily to his feet. When he gazed at Dustin once more, fear filled his eyes.

He had never fathomed that a peer could humiliate him in such a degrading manner, rendering him utterly defenseless.

“You’re not entitled to know who I am. Just summon your master,” Dustin responded calmly.

“Young man, don’t be overly audacious!” Liam’s expression grew somber. “I acknowledge your strength, but you lack the qualifications to challenge my master!”

“Challenge? No, you’ve got it wrong. I’ve come to educate him,” Dustin clarified.



Dustin’s words triggered a furious response from the disciples of the Soul-Suppressing Sect. Their anger flared, and they were prepared to confront him. While they might not match Dustin’s strength individually, they believed that together, they could overpower him.

“Young man, you’re walking a dangerous path! How dare you disrespect our master? It appears you’ve become weary of life!” Liam seethed.

“Strength is indeed commendable, but don’t let arrogance cloud your judgment. The leader of the Soul-Suppressing Sect is the renowned Grandmaster Alexander Cheng, and you’re not in any position to challenge him,” Serena advised.

She respected Dustin’s abilities but felt that his demeanor and behavior were excessively conceited.
Even if he had defeated Liam, challenging Alexander Cheng was tantamount to overestimating his own abilities.

“Sir Dustin, perhaps it’s best to let this go and not escalate the situation,” Aria advised in a hushed tone.

Martial arts masters were considered nearly god-like figures by ordinary warriors, seemingly untouchable and far beyond their league. Openly challenging them was often seen as a guaranteed path to one’s demise.

“I won’t back down. Call for Alexander Cheng, and I’ll confront our unresolved issues right now,” Dustin stated with a chilling resolve.

“You… Your audacity knows no bounds!” Liam seethed, his face twisted with anger.

Their master had been humiliated, and as the chief disciple/elder, he felt a deep anger, but his own strength was woefully inadequate to confront Dustin.

“Who has the audacity to speak my name so disrespectfully?” In that moment, a commanding and majestic voice thundered through the air.


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