An Understated Dominance Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185: The Astonishing Escape

“He took off…”

As Alexander Cheng hastily retreated in embarrassment, a stunned silence fell over the crowd.

Wide-eyed disbelief painted every face in the audience.

What in the world was happening?

The illustrious headmaster of the Soul-suppressing Sect, a renowned martial arts master, had just fled in fear?

What about his reputation as a headmaster?

Where was the dignity of a master?

Had he thrown it all away?

“Master, where are you going?” Liam stammered, seeking answers.

“Elder Liam, there’s an urgent matter at home. I’ll return as soon as I can,” came Alexander Cheng’s slightly trembling voice from a distance.

As he spoke, he practically greased his shoe soles and bolted faster.

After all, he hadn’t fully recovered from the injuries inflicted upon him in the Black Forest during their last encounter. He hadn’t expected to cross paths with this bad omen again.

If he didn’t make his escape now, when would he?

Facing a direct confrontation, he might well lose his life here.

A smart person knows when it’s time to quit.

Losing some face was better than losing one’s life.

“…,” Liam’s mouth twitched, and he was momentarily at a loss.

Since he had known his master, he had never seen him in such a state of panic.

It was as though he had encountered something truly sinister.

What could possibly terrify his master to this extent?

“What’s going on? Why did Grandmaster Alexander Cheng run away?”

“Wait… that can’t be right. Could it be that my wife’s giving birth?”

“Is it possible that… Grandmaster Alexander Cheng is scared?”

Watching Alexander Cheng flee, everyone exchanged bewildered glances, staring at each other in disbelief.

No one had anticipated this turn of events.

When he first appeared on the scene, Alexander Cheng had exuded an air of awe-inspiring dominance. Every action he took radiated the majesty of a martial arts master.

They had even thought Dustin was in for trouble.

But in the blink of an eye, Alexander Cheng had looked as if he’d seen a ghost, fleeing in terror without daring to glance back.

It was truly mind-boggling.

“This old fox sure can run fast,” Dustin muttered.

Truth be told, he hadn’t expected Alexander Cheng to turn tail and run.

Usually, there would be some posturing, some trash talk, and then they would engage in a fight, with the winner decided in the ring.

But what had happened instead?

The esteemed headmaster of the Soul-Suppressing Sect, a formidable martial arts master, hadn’t even possessed the courage to engage. He had simply fled.

Was this an act of cowardice, or was he simply biding his time?

“How… how could this happen?” Serena’s beautiful eyes were wide with shock.

Alexander Cheng’s strength far exceeded that of her own master, and he could even rival the leader of the Zen Order. It was simply inconceivable that someone of his caliber would flee without a fight.

What was even more unnerving was that Alexander Cheng’s behavior had shifted the moment he laid eyes on Dustin.

Could it be that this young man before them had somehow struck fear into Alexander Cheng’s heart?

The idea sent a chill down her spine, and it seemed increasingly likely.

So, the question remained: Who was this handsome man in front of her who could drive a martial arts master like Alexander Cheng to flee?

It was nothing short of astounding.

“Are we… saved?” Aria and the others exchanged bewildered glances.

They didn’t know what had just happened, and they were utterly perplexed. However, one thing was clear: Alexander Cheng’s hasty departure had saved them from a looming crisis.


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