An Understated Dominance Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186: An Unexpected Revelation

“Deputy sheriff Nolan! They are here; my people saw them coming in!”

Amidst the commotion, a cry pierced the air.

A contingent of martial arts law enforcement teams burst into the martial arts arena.

Leading them was the black-clad Deputy sheriff of the Martial Alliance, flanked by a man with a battered face and a swollen nose—the same captain of the law enforcement team whom Dustin had previously injured.

“It’s trouble! The Martial Arts law enforcement team is here!”

Aria’s expression darkened as she positioned herself in front of Dustin. “Sir Dustin, they’re coming for you. Please leave quickly. I’ll hold them off for you.”

Dustin had saved her life before, and now it was her turn to repay the favor.

“Kid! Why bother about him? The law enforcement has the advantage in number of members. Let’s hide and avoid trouble!” Cameron said, panic evident in his voice.

Though he was reasonably confident, he wasn’t so self-assured that he believed he could take on the entire Martial Alliance.

“Sir Dustin, please, leave now! If you don’t go, it might be too late!” Anxious, Aria urged.

“I’ve got no fear of Alexander Cheng, so there’s no reason to fear these folks,” Dustin said with a smile as he shook his head, protecting Aria behind him.

“Sir Dustin…”

Aria was about to say more when the Martial Arts law enforcement team arrived.

“Whoever disregarded their own life and dared to assault the Martial Arts law enforcement team, come out immediately and apologize!”

The leading Deputy sheriff in black held his hands behind his back, his demeanor arrogant, and his tone domineering.

The captain of the team that had been assaulted quickly spotted Dustin in the crowd and identified him. “Deputy sheriff Nolan! That’s the kid! He’s the one who attacked me! He’s the one who challenged the authority of the Martial Alliance!”

“Whoa, you’re really pushing it there…,” the black-clad Deputy sheriff began to lay into them, but then, all of a sudden, his expression turned ghostly pale, like he’d been struck by lightning out of nowhere.

He was shaking like a leaf in the wind, totally unable to control his body.

“Kid! You actually had the guts to hit me earlier; well, your fate is now sealed!” The head of the law enforcement crew grinned like a maniac, his eyes full of absolute certainty.

“Du… Du…” The Deputy sheriff in black continued to wobble, sweat streaming down his face.

As a Martial Alliance Deputy sheriff, he had crossed paths with Dustin before. He had personally received the corpse of ‘the thunderstorm’ delivered by Dustin during the previous day.

The bold young man standing before him had actually dared to take down Alliance Leader Ronald’s nephew. If he let violence erupt now, the Martial Alliance could turn into a complete bloodbath!

“Deputy Sheriff Nolan, no need for chit-chat. Grab this young man right now, and let’s give him a taste of the Martial Alliance’s justice!” The law enforcement team captain kept pushing.

“Arrest him? I’ll arrest you, for crying out loud!” The black-clad deputy sheriff was taken aback, and he gave the team leader a couple of quick smacks across the face.


The team leader stood there, dumbfounded and bewildered. “Deputy sheriff Nolan, why did you hit me?”

“You’ve got no eyes! This is Grandmaster Dustin, renowned throughout Balermo! How dare you show disrespect to Grandmaster Dustin? You deserve to be slapped!” The black-clothed Deputy sheriff was furious, landing two more resounding slaps.

“Nolan Brooks, Deputy Sheriff of the Martial Alliance, pays his respects to Grandmaster Dustin!” he declared with utmost respect, bowing deeply as he set aside his weapon after the fierce altercation.

“Grandmaster Dustin… Dustin?”

As the scene unfolded before him, the captain of the law enforcement team felt as though he’d been struck by lightning. He stood there, mouth agape, his mind racing with incredulity.

Could it truly be?

Was the figure standing before him none other than the legendary young master?

Silence enveloped them all, the weight of the moment sinking in like an anchor in their hearts.
The entire arena fell deathly quiet.

At that moment, everyone was utterly dumbfounded, their faces etched with shock.

“Dustin? Grandmaster Dustin? Could it be… he’s the number one young master in Balermo?”

“Oh my, is this for real? This guy is a martial arts master?”

“No wonder he’s so formidable, such a prodigy; no wonder even Grandmaster Alexander Cheng was terrified and ran away.”

“I’ve heard about the young master for ages, but I’ve never laid eyes on him. I never imagined he’d be this dashing. He’s certainly lived up to the adoration of countless female warriors.”

After a moment of silence, the entire place erupted into chaos.


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