An Understated Dominance Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187: A Continuing Revelation

No one had anticipated the grandeur of Dustin’s background.

Initially, they had assumed he was just a disciple from a small sect, perhaps a bit more talented than most.

Yet, they now stood face-to-face with the seemingly ordinary young man who was, in reality, the renowned young master, his true identity shattering their preconceived notions like fragile glass.

Since the Knighthood Society Tournament, he had skyrocketed to fame. He had slain Sir Augustus on Shinefield Lake and displayed unparalleled prowess in the Black Forest. And now, he had openly challenged the leader of the martial arts world.

Each of his actions had sent shockwaves through the region, creating a figure of unparalleled power and prestige, the likes of which had not been seen in Balermo for a century.

He was entirely unique among his peers, his reputation surpassing even that of some older masters, turning him into a living legend in the Balermo martial arts realm.

Now, as they witnessed this legend in the flesh, every eye was drawn to him.

“He… he… he… he’s actually the Young Grandmaster?!” Liam stammered, his face drained of color, his eyelids twitching uncontrollably, his body trembling uncontrollably, as if the earth beneath him had shifted.

He had never fathomed that the person he had provoked just moments ago was none other than the infamous prodigy.

It made sense now. The ease with which Dustin had dispatched him with a single finger was no longer a mystery. And it explained why his master had been so terrified, fleeing in haste.

All the pieces fell into place.

“No wonder… no wonder he looked familiar. So, he’s the person I’ve been searching for!”

At that moment, Serena’s breath quickened. Her cheeks flushed, her beautiful eyes filled with admiration for the young master she had unknowingly crossed paths with.

She had witnessed Dustin’s valiant display from afar during the grandmaster battle on Shinefield Lake. However, the distance had obscured his face.

Now, having seen him up close, she discovered that the object of her dreams was even more handsome and captivating than she had imagined.

Meeting in this way, was it fate taking a different turn?

“Sir Dustin, Dus… he’s truly a martial arts master?” Aria was deeply shocked as she gazed at the tall figure before her.

She had never expected that Dustin, who seemed so approachable and unassuming, was, in fact, the famous young master—a top figure openly challenging the martial arts league’s leader.

Her perception of him shifted dramatically in that instant, as the true scope of his identity and audacious goals became apparent.

It was a colossal revelation that seemed almost surreal.

“Damn…” Cameron, standing nearby, couldn’t help but gulp, feeling a sudden chill on his scalp.

Boasting was one thing, but facing a martial arts master was a completely different experience.

It was akin to the awe and wonder ordinary people felt when gazing upon towering mountains.

Especially as he recalled his earlier audacious words, his fear grew, and a shiver ran down his spine.

“Grandmaster Dustin, please forgive our people’s ignorance. We hope you can find it in your heart to forgive them,” the black-clothed Deputy Sheriff implored, his head bowed, sweat forming on his brow.
Though Dustin had come to challenge the martial arts leader, he dared not show even a hint of disrespect.

At the level of a martial arts master, taking a life was as casual as plucking a weed.

If Dustin were to be offended and chose to act, no one would dare raise an objection.

“What are you all standing around for? Come here and apologize to Grandmaster Dustin!” The black-clad Deputy sheriff snapped, his tone stern and commanding.


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