An Understated Dominance Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189: Facing The Shadow Triad

“I never expected that they’d even call upon the The Shadow Triad. Asher is truly sparing no expense!”

“It’s rumored that the The Shadow Triad are all martial arts masters. Although Dustin is formidable, taking on three of them at once is a tough proposition.”

“What kind of tactic is this from the Martial Arts Alliance? They initially came to challenge the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance, but now they seem to want to overwhelm the minority with numbers. Isn’t this a blatant disregard for martial ethics?”

Warriors in attendance couldn’t help but voice their thoughts as they observed the three figures in black robes and masks.

The the Shadow Triad were the Martial Alliance’s hidden trump card, holding a rank higher than that of the elders, second only to the alliance leader and deputy alliance leader.

They were never deployed lightly, reserved for times of dire crisis within the alliance.

No one knew the true extent of their power, and no one had ever glimpsed their faces, for all who had attempted had met their demise.

The last time the Shadow Triad had been dispatched was a decade ago when Ronald Reeds assumed leadership of the alliance.

That day, a faction of rogue heretics had attempted to disrupt the succession ceremony.

The The Shadow Triad had unleashed their thunderous might, suppressing the entire assembly, and effortlessly annihilated all the heretic sect members.

That encounter had earned them widespread renown.

Within the Martial Alliance, the The Shadow Triad stood as a formidable bulwark.

No one had ever breached this defense, let alone threatened the alliance’s foundation.

Now, in their bid to deal with Dustin, the Martial Alliance had not hesitated to send the The Shadow Triad to encircle and eliminate him simultaneously, a move many deemed excessive.

“The Shadow Triad?” Dustin glanced around, his expression growing colder. “Asher, is this your trump card?”

With his keen perception, Dustin could discern that the The Shadow Triad were not ordinary martial arts masters.

Their cultivation followed a dark and malevolent path.

Not only did they exude a cold aura and possess fierce gazes, but they also emitted a strong scent of blood.

The dark martial arts may promise rapid advancement, but they come with significant downsides. One such drawback is the constant requirement to consume fresh human blood throughout the year. This macabre necessity is crucial for keeping the malevolent forces within the practitioner’s body in check and preventing them from going berserk.

The unique odor exuded by these three individuals confirmed this fact.

In other words, the so-called The Shadow Triad of the Martial Alliance were, in truth, three demonic figures who had taken countless lives!

The Martial Alliance was intended to set an example for the majority of martial artists, leading through virtuous conduct. Yet, for the sake of power and status, these individuals had chosen to flout moral principles, break rules, and secretly harness demons for their own purposes.

The Martial Alliance had truly become corrupt to its core.

“What? You scared?” Asher laughed cruelly. “If fear’s got the best of you, just drop to your knees and let them do their thing. It might save you from a bit of pain!”

“Frightened?” Dustin scoffed. “Those three are just a bunch of lowlifes dabbling in dark arts. You honestly think they can be a threat to me?”

While dark arts might provide rapid growth, they resulted in an unstable realm and a shallow foundation. Identifying their weaknesses would make it easy to defeat all three.

“Young man! You won’t cry until you’re staring at your own coffin!” Asher responded menacingly. “Since you’re so eager to court death, I’ll be happy to oblige! The Shadow Triad, you have my orders—kill him on the spot without mercy!”

“Hold on a minute!” Serena suddenly rose from her seat and spoke with conviction. “Elder Asher, Grandmaster Dustin came here today to challenge the Martial Arts Alliance Leader. Intercepting him on the way with the Shadow Triad to gang up on him is a bit excessive, don’t you think?”

“Exactly! We’re here to witness the duel between Master Dustin and Alliance Leader Ronald, not to witness an unfair contest!” Many warriors chimed in, voicing their disapproval.


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