An Understated Dominance Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193: A Surprising Refusal

“Look familiar?” Eldric was intrigued. “Could it be that Lord Derek has met Grandmaster Dustin before?”

“Perhaps I made a mistake,” Derek replied, stroking his mustache. He thought for a moment but couldn’t recall any prior encounter.

Given his exceptional memory, it was rare for him to forget any outstanding martial artists. The fact that he couldn’t remember indicated that the two hadn’t crossed paths before.

“Lord Derek, you must be tired from your journey. Please take a seat and rest,” Eldric said, extending a hand in welcome.

“No need to worry. I want to meet this young master first,” Derek said without hesitation, proceeding straight to the ring.

Eldric frowned slightly at this, but he quickly regained his composure. The Martial Law Bureau’s formidable influence was largely due to its recruitment of talented martial artists. Regardless of their alignment, as long as they possessed strength, unique skills, and exceptional abilities, they were welcome to join. Derek’s interest in Dustin indicated a desire to recruit him, and there was little Eldric could do about it given the Martial Law Bureau’s dominance in the martial arts world.

“Young man, your courage is admirable, challenging the martial arts leader so openly,” Derek greeted Dustin with a smile.

“Martial Law Bureau?” Dustin, upon seeing Derek’s badge, quickly identified his affiliation.

“Young man, you have keen eyes. I am Derek, one of the top ten hall masters of the Martial Law Bureau,” Derek introduced himself.

“Lord Derek, I wonder what advice you have,” Dustin replied with a nod.

The Martial Law Bureau wielded authority across the martial arts world. To attain the rank of hall master, one needed remarkable strength, a profound background, and a willingness to employ resolute methods.

“Young man, you possess extraordinary talent and a bright future. Staying in this small place hardly does justice to your potential. Would you be interested in joining the Martial Law Bureau?” Derek offered directly.

His proposal caused a stir among the audience.

“We thought the Martial Law Bureau was here to apprehend martial artists who had violated rules, but it turns out they’re here to recruit talents.”

“Indeed, a young grandmaster like him being favored by the Martial Law Bureau is truly enviable.”

“Hmph, this kid is incredibly lucky to draw the attention of the Martial Law Bureau.”

The warriors in the crowd whispered, their comments filled with envy and jealousy. Joining the Martial Law Bureau was the dream of countless martial artists, symbolizing power and status. However, the division’s stringent selection criteria and challenging assessments made it a privilege reserved for only the most exceptional individuals.

True success in passing the examinations was an incredibly rare achievement.

Special recruits like Dustin were even rarer—exceedingly exceptional individuals.

“I appreciate Lord Derek’s offer, but I’m not interested in joining the Martial Law Bureau at this time,” Dustin declined firmly.

“Hmm?” Derek was momentarily taken aback by this unexpected refusal.

In all his years, no one had ever turned down the Martial Law Bureau’s invitation. Was it possible that this young man didn’t grasp the significance of the Martial Law Bureau?

“Young man, do you understand what the Martial Law Bureau represents?” Derek asked, raising his head proudly. “We oversee martial arts organizations worldwide, establish martial arts regulations, and hold superior authority over all martial artists. We do not hesitate to act preemptively, and we have the imperial authority to pass judgment. This is the Martial Law Bureau!”

The entire martial arts world lay under the Martial Law Bureau’s dominion, with no one daring to defy its orders.

“Of course, I’ve heard of the Martial Law Bureau’s illustrious reputation, but I am but a simple man who prefers not to be bound by constraints,” Dustin replied with a shake of his head.


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