An Understated Dominance Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194: An Unyielding Refusal

“Young man, if you decide to join the Martial Law Bureau, I can personally assure you that you’ll be enshrined!” Derek sweetened the deal even further.

In the Martial Law Bureau, being enshrined held a higher rank than that of Deputy Sheriffs. A two-level promotion in such a short time was a remarkable advancement.

“I appreciate the offer, but I’m still not interested,” Dustin declined once again.

Derek frowned at this persistent rejection. He believed he had offered enticing incentives, but the young man appeared to have little interest in the Martial Law Bureau’s prestige.

“Really? You don’t even want to be enshrined in the Martial Law Bureau? What’s going on in this young man’s mind?”

“It’s a great opportunity to be recognized by the Martial Law Bureau. This kid doesn’t seem to appreciate it. He’s just plain arrogant!”

“Hmph! Even as a young grandmaster, he seems as insignificant as a chicken when facing the Martial Law Bureau!”

Jealous and resentful comments began circulating among the onlookers.

For many martial artists, joining the Martial Law Bureau was the pinnacle of honor. Dustin’s repeated refusals came across as pure arrogance to them.

“Young man, this opportunity may not come knocking again. Are you absolutely certain about not reconsidering the offer to join the Martial Law Bureau?” Derek’s tone turned cold, and he grew visibly impatient.

He had given the young man a lot of respect, but these continued rejections were trying his patience.

“No, I came to the Martial Alliance today to challenge the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance. I have no interest in anything else,” Dustin replied calmly.

“Very well then! Everyone has their own path. I won’t pressure you,” Derek responded tersely before leaving the stage.

His expression soured, revealing a hint of anger.

“Lord Derek, please take a seat and enjoy some tea,” Eldric said, attempting to ease the tension. He led Derek and his group to a central seating area.

The attendees in this area were mostly leaders of various martial sects. At the very least, they were all half-step masters, and some were martial arts masters.

For example, there was Jan Crane, the patriarch of the Skycrane Sect, the abbot of the Temple of Boundless Compassion. They all held a grudge against Dustin since the Black Forest encounter and had come to witness his downfall. After his expected defeat, they planned to seize the opportunity to eliminate him once and for all.

“Eldric is correct. This Dustin refuses to heed discipline. If he were to enter the Martial Law Bureau, it would only bring trouble. It’s best to abandon the idea,” Asher chimed in.

“Hmph! I initially intended to give him a chance, but he proved to be utterly shameless. In that case, I won’t show any mercy. Let’s see whether he lives or dies today!” Derek’s expression turned cold and his eyes filled with malice.

The Martial Law Bureau was known for its ruthless methods. Any martial artist who defied their orders would be branded a prohibitive offender. The consequences could range from imprisonment to execution, depending on the severity of the violation.

Dustin’s behavior had already landed him on Derek’s blacklist.

“Elder Asher, everyone’s here. When will Chief Ronald come out?” Eldric decided to change the subject.

“Leader Ronald was in seclusion last night and needs to rest. Deputy Leader Eldric, if you can’t wait, you’re welcome to head back and rest,” Asher replied, his tone somewhat enigmatic.

“Hehe, I’m patient, but Lord Derek has a busy schedule. You wouldn’t want to make him wait forever, would you?” Eldric said with a grin.

Asher momentarily found himself in a tight spot, as he couldn’t afford to offend Derek due to his high status.

“No need to wait any longer. Alliance Leader Ronald has arrived,” Jan Crane suddenly announced, lifting his head to gaze in a specific direction.


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