An Understated Dominance Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195: The Challenge Begins

“Arrived?” Upon hearing this, several people immediately followed Jan Crane’s gaze.

They saw a white figure gracefully descending from the roof of the Martial Alliance headquarters. This figure moved with an ethereal lightness, like a feather drifting down in the wind.

“He’s here! Leader Ronald has arrived!”

The martial arts arena erupted with excitement as Ronald Reeds, the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance, finally made his appearance.

In the eyes of the spectators, Ronald Reeds, dressed in white, exuded an aura of mystery and nobility. He seemed like a celestial being descending from the heavens, with a presence that demanded respect.

There was no need for an imposing display or a show of force. Ronald Reeds’s mere presence inspired awe and reverence.

Asher was the first to stand up, saluting with his fists, and welcoming Ronald’s arrival. He was followed by numerous Martial Alliance disciples who rose to their feet and chanted in unison.

The collective voice was like a thunderous wave, echoing throughout the martial arts arena, refusing to subside for a long time.

All the warriors present were moved by this display of respect, and they, too, stood up to salute Ronald.

The leader of the Martial Arts Alliance, the most powerful martial artist in the southern region of Balermo, deserved such a grand welcome.

“This guy seems to have improved his strength again?” Eldric furrowed his brows, his gaze becoming more serious.

He had initially intended to use Dustin’s challenge to challenge Ronald’s authority, but now it appeared that the plan might not work.

It was evident that Ronald was only a half-step away from becoming a Grandmaster infinity level. In less than three months, he would likely achieve a successful breakthrough. Once that happened, he would ascend to a level where he was virtually unbeatable.

Eldric had been a step too slow in his calculations.

“Chief Ronald has made his appearance. We’re in for a great spectacle now!”

“The young master’s challenge to the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance is destined to go down in history.”

“If this had happened a couple of years later, it might have been a different story. But right now, the gap between them is just too vast.”

As they gazed upon Ronald’s graceful figure, the warriors couldn’t help but engage in hushed conversations.

Ronald’s power and status were deeply ingrained in the martial arts world, and his position was unassailable.

Though Dustin possessed immense strength, he was still leagues behind Ronald.

“Leader Ronald, it’s been a few years since we last met. I hope you’ve been well,” Derek stood up, clasping his fists in respect.

“Oh? I didn’t expect Lord Derek to be present. It’s a pleasure to see you,” Ronald responded with a nod and a smile.

“Chief Ronald, today, someone is willing to openly challenge your authority. You mustn’t go easy on him,” Jan Crane remarked with significance.

He had harbored a grudge against Dustin since the Black Forest battle when he lost an arm to him.

“Thank you, Grandmaster Jan, for your reminder. I’ll exercise my discretion,” Ronald replied calmly, his gaze shifting to Dustin on the stage. “Dustin, I admire your courage in issuing a challenge, but your actions are truly foolish. I’ll give you one last chance. Tap out now, I might consider not pursuing any further consequences.”

“Ronald, I’m not going to go easy on you. You’ve been hypocritical, corrupt, and don’t deserve to lead the Martial Arts Alliance! Today, I’m here to seek justice for the former leader, Paul Hill, for uncle Michael (Grandmaster Edmund Robinson), and for all the wrongs I’ve endured from you.” Dustin declared, lifting his head and speaking with unwavering determination.

“Today, justice will prevail in this life-and-death battle!”. His words sent shockwaves through the crowd, leaving everyone bewildered and intrigued.


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