An Understated Dominance Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198: Clash of the Titans

Even among the greatest masters, there are different levels of strength, and the gaps between these levels are like impassable chasms.

“Look at that boy, Derek has given him too much credit,” said Jan Crane with a grin, shaking his head. “It seems that Leader Ronald has reached new heights in his power after his retreat. I bet he can defeat Dustin in just three moves.”

“Is that so?” Derek raised an eyebrow, genuinely surprised. Ronald had already reached the peak of Grandmaster status several years ago. If he continued to improve, wouldn’t he be on the cusp of becoming a Martial Arts Master? In that case, the Martial Law Bureau would need to reassess his value.

“Dustin, you should never have challenged me. I gave you a chance back in the Black Forest, but it seems you’re determined to invite disaster upon yourself. Today, there’s no one who can save you!” Ronald continued to advance, his already formidable aura surging once again.

It was like a tidal wave, overwhelming everything in its path.

“Crack, crack, crack…”

Under the intense pressure, the energy surrounding Dustin began to fracture, resembling a giant piece of glass on the verge of shattering. The cracks spread rapidly, forming a complex web-like pattern.


Behind Dustin, the Sky Sword concealed in its sheath began to vibrate intensely, emitting a low, eager hum. It seemed too eager to join the battle.

However, Dustin reached out and patted the sword’s hilt to calm its restlessness. It wasn’t time to unsheathe the sword just yet.

“Dustin! Your time has come!” Pushed to his limits, Ronald suddenly lunged forward, and with a “thud,” the energy barrier that Dustin had erected shattered into fragments.

“Prepare to meet your end!” Ronald seized the opportunity, advancing quickly and transforming into a white streak of light shooting straight upwards.

Wherever the white streak passed, the air was torn asunder, emitting thunderous roars, and carving deep grooves into the once-solid arena floor.

The incredible speed and pressure were like a missile with devastating firepower, capable of obliterating everything in its path.

“Well done!” Dustin’s eyes narrowed, refusing to be outdone. He too transformed into a stream of light and charged towards Ronald.

In that moment, neither side retreated or evaded; instead, they chose to confront each other head-on.

The two human projectiles finally collided after a brief sprint.


There was an earth-shaking explosion, and the ground quaked violently. The entire martial arts arena began to tremble, and a colossal crater was blasted into the previously sturdy floor.

Numerous cracks radiated outward from the edges of the pit.

A massive wave-like shockwave emanated from the point of impact and swept in all directions. Wherever it passed, it sent sand and rocks flying, shrouding the surroundings in a cloud of dust and debris.

Spectators in the audience instinctively covered their ears, hunching over and channeling their inner strength to withstand the roaring hurricane. Even with their preparations, the violent airflow still caused their hair to stand on end, facial muscles to twitch, and bodies to stagger, making it impossible to maintain their balance.

When Dustin and Ronald collided, they carved a deep chasm into the entire circular arena.

Upon impact, their bodies were forcibly separated.

Under the immense force, Dustin was propelled backward over ten meters, his feet gouging deep furrows into the arena floor. It was as if he had plowed through the ground, leaving two deep trenches in his wake.

In contrast, Ronald seemed to float gently up and down, appearing unaffected by the encounter.

The difference in strength between the two was clear to everyone.


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