An Understated Dominance Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200: The Fateful Clash

Ascending into the air, Ronald’s golden armor glittered brightly in the sunlight, capturing everyone’s attention.

“This sword is named Eternoxblade. I spent three years in isolation mastering this technique,” Ronald explained calmly. “It has never been revealed to outsiders until today. Consider it an honor that your life will end beneath my blade. Witness it!”

With those words, Ronald’s golden sword quivered, and his entire body transformed into a dazzling streak of golden light, descending like an unstoppable and invincible celestial river.

“What incredible speed! What terrifying swordsmanship!”

“My goodness! Is this divine retribution descending upon us? It’s absolutely terrifying!”

“Once this sword is unleashed, no one can withstand it. Even if the young master perishes, he shall be remembered with honor!”

Ronald’s astonishing sword technique stirred a frenzy among the spectators, filling the entire arena with awe and astonishment. The blinding golden light resembled the blazing sun, making resistance seem futile.

One swing of this sword appeared capable of ending it all—a force of unparalleled destruction!

As Ronald initiated his sword strike, Dustin sprang into action.

With a gentle tap, the black sword shrouded in cloth on his back was unsheathed in an instant. Simultaneously, Dustin produced two silver needles and thrust them into the back of his head.

In an instant, Dustin’s eyes turned bloodshot, and veins popped out on his face. An overwhelming surge of energy radiated from his body, akin to a towering mountain.

This was undoubtedly a secret technique of the Rhys family—breaking through realms with one’s own life force.

“Sky Sword!” Dustin declared, leaping into the air. He seized the Sky Sword mid-flight and transformed into a streak of black light, thrusting it towards the oncoming golden brilliance.

Ronald, shrouded in golden radiance like a deity, and Dustin, cloaked in black energy like a demon, were polar opposites. One ascended while the other descended, and they collided head-on with their most formidable attacks.

In an instant, the world seemed to change colors, and the earth shook.




Following the blinding light, three thunderous crashes echoed, each louder than the last.

With the first explosion, Ronald’s golden sword shattered into fragments.

With the second, Ronald’s protective aura disintegrated.

And with the third, Ronald’s arm, the one that had held the sword, was severed, causing him to bleed profusely.

Dustin’s fusion of human and sword, empowered by an unstoppable force, pierced through Ronald’s offense and defense, severely injuring him in the process.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The spectators in the audience could scarcely keep up. After the collision of the two light beams, the black light penetrated the golden light and soared into the sky, creating a violent disturbance as the earth quivered and the mountains trembled. Thunderous roars and surging waves followed.

Everyone had to cover their ears and shut their eyes, enduring the aftermath of the cataclysmic explosion.

When the dust settled, Dustin stood silently at the edge of the arena, the black sword in his hand stained with blood.

Ronald, on the other hand, appeared battered and shocked. His body was riddled with wounds, and most notably, his severed arm and shoulder bled profusely.

He looked defeated and humiliated.


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