An Understated Dominance Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 A Crumbled Mountain

But now, the mighty mountain had crumbled.

All the legends and glorious tales had been shattered in this moment.

“Victory, victory! Senior Brother Dustin has won! Amazing!” Aria cheered enthusiastically after a brief moment of astonishment.

“As expected of the man I’ve fallen in love with, he truly is peerless!” Serena exclaimed, her excitement making her cheeks turn rosy. Though she didn’t understand exactly what had transpired, she was certain that Dustin had emerged victorious, and it was a magnificent victory.

Under the watchful eyes of all, he had vanquished the martial arts grandmaster, Ronald, and from that moment, his name would resound throughout the world. A brilliant ascent to fame! Unmatched by anyone!

“Bravo! Bravo!” Even Eldric, a powerful figure in the city, couldn’t help but applaud. He had been held down by Ronald’s dominance for a decade. Now, with Dustin’s unexpected triumph and the severe injury dealt to Ronald, the path to his own success had been paved.

*Tap, tap, tap…*

Ignoring the commotion in the audience, Dustin walked step by step towards Ronald, Sky Sword in hand, its black blade still slowly dripping with blood.

“The Leader of the Martial Alliance? The unbeaten legend? Hmph… it’s all a joke,” Dustin’s eyes turned red, his demeanor taking on an eerie and formidable presence. He appeared like a demon emerging from the depths of hell, terrifying and overpowering.

“You… how can you be so strong? How did you defeat me?” Ronald knelt on the ground, lifting his head with difficulty. His face bore a mixture of shock, fear, and amazement, but above all, it was filled with doubt and confusion.

He couldn’t comprehend why he had failed.

With his current level of cultivation, he should have been invincible against anyone below the Grand Master.

“You underestimated me and overestimated yourself, and that’s why you lost,” Dustin replied coldly, raising his sword and looking down at Ronald. “Now, do you have any last words?”

“Don’t… please don’t kill me,” Ronald’s voice quivered as he gazed into Dustin’s cold and heartless eyes. Panic overwhelmed him, and he began to beg earnestly, “I can give you the Sky Spirit Orb; I can relinquish my position as the leader of the martial arts alliance; I can impart all my knowledge and skills to you. Anything you desire, I will provide it. Just spare my life, and I will dedicate all my power, status, and wealth to you. Whatever you want, it’s yours!”

He had worked tirelessly to reach his current position, and he hadn’t yet enjoyed the fruits of his labor or achieved his life’s goals. He didn’t want to die; he didn’t want to lose everything in an instant.

As long as he could survive, he was willing to sacrifice his dignity and everything he possessed.

“Ronald, did you think about giving the former alliance leader (Paul Hill) a chance when you deceived my good friend (Edmund Robinson) and betrayed your ancestors, when you betrayed trust and framed me?” Dustin’s eyes remained cold.

“I was wrong… I know I was wrong!”

“I promise to start anew and never commit harm again. Please, give me a chance!”

Ronald spoke frantically, bowing repeatedly, completely casting aside his pride and the dignity of a martial arts leader. In the face of death, even the mightiest can become afraid and desperate.

“Give you a chance?” Dustin sneered. “Let me ask you this: Did you ever give the former alliance leader a chance? Did you ever give Uncle Edmund a chance? Did you ever give those innocent people you’ve harmed a chance? Since you didn’t, why should I give you one?”

“Dustin! You won’t gain anything by killing me, and I’ll become a martial arts pariah! But if you spare me, I promise to follow your lead in the future and do whatever you ask!” Ronald was in a state of panic, sweat pouring from him as he begged in every way possible.

“I don’t need you to do anything; I just want you dead.”

With those words, Dustin ceased all further discussion and swung the Sky Sword down with great force.


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