An Understated Dominance Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Bureau’s New Recruit


As Dustin was about to deliver the final blow, a loud shout rang out, and at the same moment, an arrow shot forth with incredible speed, striking the Sky Sword with a resounding clang.


Dustin’s body trembled, the movement of his sword halted, and he cast a cold glance toward the ring’s edge.

Standing there was Derek, who had reappeared, holding a sturdy bow.

It was he who had just released the arrow.

“Sir Derek, what’s the meaning of this?” Dustin furrowed his brow.

“Dustin, you’ve already won. It’s time to stop!” Derek’s expression was stern. “Leave a path open for yourself so we can cross paths again in the future. Don’t take things too far, or the consequences will be dire!”

“Sir Derek, Ronald and I are in a life-and-death match In the arena, only one can emerge alive. This is the code of the martial arts world,” Dustin replied coldly.

“No! The rules of the martial arts world are dictated by the Martial Law Bureau. Here, I hold the highest authority and have the final say in everything!” Derek’s words carried an air of dominance.

His decision to intervene and protect Ronald had several reasons. Firstly, Dustin had not shown him the respect he felt he deserved. Secondly, Ronald still had value.

As the leader of the Balermo Martial Alliance, he held unmatched status and influence. If he were to die, the entire martial world of Balermo would descend into chaos, and Martial Law Bureau would have to clean up the mess.

“Derek, right and wrong can be determined by the public. We’ve already signed a life-and-death contract. Isn’t it unfair for you to protect Ronald like this?” Dustin questioned coldly.

“Stop with the nonsense! Leader Ronald is the pinnacle of the martial arts world, a Beidou (one of the brightest stars), and a national pillar. We, the Martial Law Bureau, must protect such talent!” Derek retorted sharply.

“Sir Derek, if my memory serves me right, the Martial Law Bureau has clear rules against intervening in the internal conflicts of martial artists. By doing this, you are acting unfairly and unjustly,” Dustin reminded.

“Do you want to challenge me on this?” Derek snorted, then turned his gaze to Ronald and shouted loudly, “Sir Ronald, are you willing to join the Martial Law Bureau? As long as you agree, from now on, Martial Law Bureau will be your protector!”

Upon hearing this, Ronald’s face lit up with hope, as if he had grasped a lifeline. He nodded fervently, “I’m willing, I’m willing! I’m willing to join the Martial Law Bureau! I’m willing to serve the Martial Law Bureau as a loyal follower!”

This was his best chance at survival. With the backing of the Martial Law Bureau, even if Dustin had the courage, he wouldn’t dare to act recklessly. Although it meant surrendering his freedom, compared to losing his life, that was a small price to pay.

“There you have it! Did you hear that? Ronald is now a member of the Martial Law Bureau. Our Martial Law Bureau is duty-bound to protect him. Do you still have any objections?” Derek raised his head, a touch of arrogance in his demeanor.

Gifted or powerful, it mattered not. In the face of the Martial Law Bureau, all must bow and submit.

“Sir Derek, are you jesting with me?” Dustin’s eyes darkened.

“Our Martial Law Bureau has always won people over with righteousness. If you want to talk about rules, then let me explain them to you. Now that Ronald has joined the Martial Law Bureau, if you dare to harm him, you’ll be challenging the authority of the Martial Law Bureau. Have you considered the consequences?” Derek threatened without hesitation.

The Martial Law Bureau represented official power, superior to all sects and possessing overwhelming authority. Once someone became a wanted criminal in the eyes of the Martial Law Bureau, there would be no safe haven, no matter how vast the world.

“Thank goodness, Sir Derek is here today. Otherwise, the world would have turned upside down,” Jan couldn’t help but sigh with relief as she watched Derek restore order to the situation.


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