An Understated Dominance Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Derek’s Command

If Ronald will survive, Dustin will be dead in the future.

“Hmph! With the Martial Law Bureau’s backing, what else can this Dustin do, no matter how powerful he is? Ultimately, he will have to yield,” Asher smirked.

He had thought that the Reeds family was doomed, but thankfully, Derek had stepped in just in time to turn the tide.

“Damn, I was almost there!” Eldric shook his head, a tinge of regret in his voice. Without Derek’s intervention, today would have been a complete success.

“As expected of Derek, just a few words were enough to intimidate Dustin.”

“Hmph, in the face of Martial Law Bureau, even the mightiest must bow!”

Many warriors in the audience sighed in relief. While they couldn’t accept Ronald’s defeat, the current outcome wasn’t too bad. At least his life had been spared.

After all, no one would be foolish enough to challenge Derek.

“Dustin, I’ll admit you’re skilled and powerful, but unfortunately, you still can’t kill me. As long as I’m alive, it’s not a true defeat,” Ronald declared, his smug smile returning. “Let me share another secret with you—I’m on the verge of breaking through to become a grandmaster. Within three months, I’ll make that breakthrough, and you’ll be nothing more than prey on my chopping board.”

“How do you feel? Angry? Afraid? Powerless? But what can you do, apart from waiting for your demise?”

“I’m now a member of the Martial Law Bureau, and you can’t afford to cross me.”

“If you dare to act recklessly, it won’t just be you; your family and friends will suffer as well!”

“Accept your fate. You can’t seek revenge, you can’t change the outcome. You’ll always be beneath me!”

With these words, he shifted from his previous humble and cowardly demeanor to one that was bold and confident. With the Martial Law Bureau as his protector, he felt invincible.

After surviving this trial, he would exact tenfold and a hundredfold revenge for the humiliation and animosity he had suffered today.

“Dustin! I command you to step back immediately!” Derek’s voice boomed, his tone commanding.

“Did you hear that? Back off, Derek. You can’t afford to defy me!” Ronald sneered.

“Ronald, you’re too presumptuous. Do you truly believe Derek can save you?” Dustin inquired coldly.

“What? You still dare to kill me? Do you comprehend how many lives will be lost with that stroke? How many innocent people will be buried alongside you? Young man, before you act, use your brain. Don’t harm yourself and others!” Ronald taunted, a look of self-assuredness on his face.

Regardless of Dustin’s strength, he was still just one person. As long as he was human, he had weaknesses and concerns. Ronald was convinced that Dustin wouldn’t dare to make a move.

“Dustin, let me count to three. If you don’t retreat, you’ll openly oppose the Martial Law Bureau!” Derek issued a final warning.

“Beast! Lower your weapons immediately, or you’ll become a public enemy of the martial arts!” Asher led a group of Martial Alliance disciples to quickly encircle the arena.

“One of my characteristics is that I always do what I say.” Dustin said calmly. “I’m determined to kill Ronald, and no one can stop me—not Martial Law Bureau, not the entire martial arts world, even if I’m shattered to pieces in the end, I won’t hesitate!”

With those words, the Sky Sword was raised high, and Dustin delivered the final blow, beheading Ronald.


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