An Understated Dominance Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Too Weak

On the ring, Dustin stood alone with his sword in hand, intimidating the crowd and causing thousands of warriors to tremble and exchange uneasy glances. No one dared to make a move.

This performance, however, only fueled Derek’s anger and frustration.

“Hey! What are you all so afraid of? No matter how powerful he is, he is alone. If you all move altogether, you can overpower him!” Derek exclaimed, exasperated by the lack of response from the warriors.

Seeing the hesitation of the warriors, Derek turned his attention to the leaders of each sect, calling them out one by one. “Grandmaster Jan, Deputy Leader Eldric, Master Jason, Master Lemuel, Master Felix… You, as leaders of the martial arts, should set an example and lead your disciples to take down this murderer!”

The leaders of the sects exchanged looks, appearing somewhat embarrassed. Shouting out battle cry is one thing, but committing themselves to a full-fledged battle is another. It requires careful thinking and consideration. After all, if Dustin had the strength to kill Ronald, he could also pose a grave threat to their lives. They were concerned that if they pushed him too far, he might resort to desperate measures.

The situation had reached an impasse.

“Such a rabble!” Derek muttered angrily as he surveyed the situation. He was frustrated by the unreliable nature of the martial arts community. In contrast, the Martial Law Bureau’s law enforcement teams would execute orders without hesitation, regardless of the strength of the enemy.

In this situation, Derek realized that he might need to take action personally to resolve it completely.

With that thought in mind, Derek’s eyes grew cold, and he once again drew his bow and nocked an arrow. This time, he aimed the black iron arrow at Dustin’s heart.

“Ka Ka Ka…”

Derek slowly exerted force, bending the ten-thousand-pound bow. The creaking of the bowstring sent shivers down one’s spine.

This bow was a special weapon, and even the strongest warriors would struggle to draw the bowstring with both hands and feet. However, Derek effortlessly pulled the bowstring into a full moon shape, showcasing his immense power.

The arrow was released with tremendous force, flying towards Dustin’s chest like a cannonball. It carried the momentum of splitting mountains and cracking the earth, and it appeared as a blurry streak due to its incredible speed.

“What a powerful arrow!” The masters present were taken aback and found it difficult to react in time.

They hadn’t anticipated Derek’s strength.

This arrow, under a surprise attack, had the potential to kill a formidable martial arts master.

It seemed that the officers of the Martial Law Bureau were indeed extraordinary.

However, just as the arrow was about to hit its target, a figure descended from the sky and positioned itself in front of Dustin. The figure lazily extended two fingers and effortlessly caught Derek’s deadly arrow.

The arrow, due to the impact, swayed wildly, resembling a fish attempting to swim upstream. But no matter how it struggled, it couldn’t advance beyond the figure’s fingers.

“Your archery skills are commendable, but your strength is too weak,” remarked the disheveled old man holding the arrow.

This old man appeared to be a beggar. He had a lame leg, was blind in one eye, and had a wine gourd hanging from his waist. His appearance was unkempt and sloppy, not what one would expect from a formidable martial artist.

Derek was dumbfounded by this unexpected turn of events. His most powerful arrow had been effortlessly caught by this mysterious old man with two fingers. He couldn’t fathom who this old man was or how he possessed such incredible strength.


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