An Understated Dominance Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Caught In Delimna

Derek’s shock and fear upon realizing the identity of the drunkard, Gregory, were palpable. The memories of the disastrous battle from ten years ago haunted him, and he was unable to contain his trembling and terror.

For Derek, that night had been a nightmare that had left an indelible mark on his psyche. He had witnessed the gruesome deaths of his companions, the decapitation of his Headmaster, and the powerlessness of once-feared martial artists. It was an experience that had shattered his ambition and instilled an enduring fear in him.

Seeing Gregory again after all these years had awakened the deep-seated terror that he had tried to bury. It was a nightmare come to life once more.

The revelation of Gregory’s identity had a similar effect on the other martial arts masters present. Despite their own strength and prestige, they were awed by the presence of a Grand Master like Gregory. To them, such an individual was no longer a mere human but a god-like figure with the power of life and death.

When Gregory confronted Derek, the Martial Law Bureau leader was immediately reduced to a state of abject fear. He prostrated himself on the ground, repeatedly kowtowing and begging for forgiveness. His panicked behavior resembled that of a quail in the face of a predator.

Gregory, seemingly in a generous mood, granted Derek clemency. He instructed him to leave and even mentioned that he (Derek) should prepare for a confrontation in the future.

Relieved at being spared, Derek didn’t hesitate to leave with his subordinates, eager to put as much distance as possible between himself and Gregory.

Gregory’s presence, coupled with his casual demeanor and immense power, left the other martial arts masters in a state of shock and awe. They realized that their previous arrogance had been misplaced, and they couldn’t help but feel a deep respect and fear for the Grand Master.

However, Gregory wasn’t content with just sending Derek away. He turned his attention to the remaining masters of various sects and questioned them about their silence.

The martial arts masters were overwhelmed by the situation and didn’t dare to challenge Gregory. They knew that the presence of a Grand Master was a force that couldn’t be reckoned with.

When Gregory playfully mentioned sparring with them, the masters couldn’t find their voices. They were too afraid to respond or take up the offer.

Gregory, seemingly unbothered by their silence, rolled a piece of booger into a ball between his fingers, a strange glint in his eye.

The masters of various sects were caught in a dilemma. They didn’t want to provoke Gregory, but neither did they want to appear cowardly. They were trapped in a precarious situation, unsure of how to proceed.


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