An Understated Dominance Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 Hail, Chief Dustin!

The suggestion put forth by Eldric, the deputy leader of the Martial Alliance, to recommend Dustin as the new martial arts leader sparked a mixture of reactions among the martial artists gathered at the scene.

Some supported the idea, seeing Dustin’s impressive strength and his victory over Ronald as qualifications for the position. They believed that fresh blood like Dustin was needed to rejuvenate the Martial Alliance and lead it towards a new era of glory.

Others, particularly those from established sects and older martial artists, expressed reservations about the proposal. They felt that Dustin’s youth and lack of experience might hinder his ability to lead effectively.

Eldric defended his decision by emphasizing the need for a change in leadership, as the current state of the Martial Alliance was perceived as corrupt. He believed that Dustin, with his extraordinary abilities and potential, was the right candidate to lead the alliance into a brighter future.

Serena, showing her support for Dustin, raised her hand and spoke in favor of his candidacy. Many younger warriors followed suit, expressing their enthusiasm for Dustin’s leadership.

However, not everyone was quick to voice their support. Some sect leaders hesitated, fearing the consequences of opposing such a proposal, especially in the presence of the formidable Gregory.

Gregory, displaying his imposing aura, questioned those who remained silent and urged them to make a decision. His intimidation tactic led many sect leaders to reluctantly express their support for Dustin, bowing to the prevailing sentiment.

Under this mounting pressure and the influence of the general consensus, the martial artists finally united and saluted Dustin as their new leader. The resounding declaration of “Hail, Chief Dustin!” echoed through the arena, marking the beginning of Dustin’s leadership in the martial arts world.

With this show of support, Dustin had risen to a prominent position in the martial arts hierarchy, poised to bring about changes and restore the reputation and strength of the Martial Alliance.


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