An Understated Dominance Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211: Pursuit of Personal Goals

The sudden turn of events had left the martial arts world in shock. One moment, Dustin was the target of their wrath, and the next, he was their chosen leader. The atmosphere was charged with irony, and Dustin’s demeanor reflected this.

As the warriors continued to salute him, Dustin’s expression remained devoid of excitement or enthusiasm. He saw the absurdity in the change of allegiance, where those who had condemned him were now passionately supporting him.

Dustin had no interest in being the leader of the martial arts alliance. His pursuit was revenge against Ronald and justice for himself. He believed his abilities were limited and not fit for such roles.

Dustin’s refusal to accept the position of leader of the martial arts alliance surprised those present, including Eldric, who had initially suggested the idea. Many had assumed that Dustin would eagerly embrace the opportunity, given the prestige and power that came with the position.

Eldric was both embarrassed and secretly relieved by Dustin’s decision. While he had aspirations for the leadership role, the appearance of the powerful drunkard as Dustin’s ally made him hesitant to compete for the position.

The drunkard, observing Dustin’s hesitation, asked if he had considered the potential benefits of becoming the leader of the martial arts alliance.

However, Dustin remained resolute in his decision. He emphasized his lack of interest in worldly affairs and continued to search Ronald’s body. There, he found the coveted Sky Spirit Orb, a treasure that could significantly enhance his cultivation speed.

The presence of the Sky Spirit Orb surprised the drunkard, who recognized its value as a top-tier cultivation aid. With the Sky Spirit Orb in his possession, Dustin’s path to becoming a Grand Master’s Immortality would be significantly accelerated.

The martial artists gathered at the scene watched as Dustin secured the precious treasure, their reactions a mix of astonishment and admiration. Despite the potential glory and power the leadership position offered, Dustin remained steadfast in his pursuit of personal goals.

The situation had taken an unexpected turn, with Dustin refusing to accept the leadership role. His priorities remained clear—revenge and justice were more important to him than the trappings of authority.


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