An Understated Dominance Chapter 1214

“Hey! What nonsense are you talking about? This is in 100% working condition! Geez!” Dustin immediately got upset.

Because he was so emotional, he started panting.

With his pale face, he looked like he might have some kidney problems.

“Alright, alright, you’re very strong, I get it. Don’t get too worked up,” Drunkard said, patting Dustin on the back and pretending to be comforting. “Anyway, this treasure is rare. Keep it for now, it’s good to have it just in case.”

With that, he stuffed the medicine bottle into Dustin’s pocket.

“You…!” Dustin felt insulted and was about to react when he started coughing violently.

“Okay, okay, let’s not say anything more. I understand,” Drunkard said, patting Dustin’s back. “I have to catch a plane soon, so I won’t keep you. Remember to take your medicine on time and try to have a healthy baby boy.”

With that, Drunkard’s figure disappeared like a ghost.

“Take care, old man,” Dustin said as he watched the hunched figure disappear in the distance, his gaze filled with mixed emotions.

All good things must come to an end. Ever since the moment he helped Drunkard with his Five Decays of Heaven and Man, he knew that one day Drunkard would leave.

They had their own goals, their own paths in life. All he could do was silently wish him well and pray for his safety.

After taking a short break, Dustin returned to the Zypher Lodge with Cornelius.

However, as soon as they reached the entrance, they saw a group of disciples from the Kirin Gang bustling about, decorating the place with lanterns and streamers, and all sorts of festive decorations.

Natasha and Scarlet were inside the villa, directing the preparations meticulously, aiming for perfection.

The two women, who had been at odds before, were surprisingly in sync like BFFs at the moment.

“Natasha, Scarlet, what are you two doing?” Dustin walked in, his face filled with curiosity.

“Big Brother Dustin, you’re back!” Scarlet turned around in surprise, quickly walking up to greet him. She smiled and said, “Tomorrow is your birthday, so I thought we should decorate and make it special. I hope you’ll like it.”

“It’s just a birthday, is there a need for such a big celebration?” Dustin looked around and saw that the entire Zypher Lodge seemed to have been redecorated.

“What’s all this? If we had more time, I’d be tempted to tear this place down and rebuild it,” Scarlet said solemnly.

“…” Dustin twitched his mouth. He knew that with this girl’s personality, she might actually do it.

“Husband, things are different now. You’re the leader of the Kirin Gang, so we should celebrate your birthday with a big event and show off the gang’s prestige!” Natasha smiled.

“Let’s have a meal together, and that will be enough. There’s no need for all this trouble,” Dustin said, feeling a headache coming on.

He had explicitly requested Scarlet not to make a fuss over his birthday, but it appeared she couldn’t resist.

In the end, she just couldn’t contain her excitement.

“We must celebrate and make it a grand affair. We can’t allow Tyler to overshadow it,” Natasha remarked.

“Wait a moment, what does Tyler have to do with any of this?” Dustin was perplexed.

“It seems you don’t know yet. Tomorrow is also the day of Tyler’s engagement to Kate. They’ve invited many guests and are planning a big banquet. We can’t let them steal the limelight,” Natasha said with a determined look.

“Oh? Tyler is getting engaged to Kate? It seems destined,” Dustin raised an eyebrow.

He hadn’t been too interested in it before, but now that it was related to Tyler, he felt a strange sense of competition.

Because of the treasure map incident, Tyler had been making moves behind the scenes. The feud between the two sides had deepened over time, and it seemed like it was time to settle the score.


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