An Understated Dominance Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Decisive Action

Trent and Kate stood meekly beside Tyler, not daring to breathe loudly, looking extremely subservient.

Since being captured by the Dark Panther Cavalry the last time, they had only been detained for two days before being released.

In their view, it was undoubtedly Tyler who had personally intervened and convinced the Scarlet to let them go.

This was enough evidence that they had made the right choice.

“Tomorrow is the day of the engagement. Are the things ready?” After finishing a game of chess, Tyler finally spoke.

“Well…” Hearing this, Trent’s face stiffened, and he subconsciously looked at his daughter standing beside him.

“Lord Tyler, we were close to success before, but that damn Dustin messed up our plans and got us captured,” Kate explained while cursing.

“Enough, I don’t want to hear these excuses,” Tyler coldly glanced at the two of them and said indifferently, “The result I want is more important than the process. According to our previous agreement, you were supposed to give me the treasure map, and I would support you in gaining power. Then our two families would form an alliance and create greatness. I’ve fulfilled my promises; what about you?”

“Lord Tyler, we’ve done our best. Could you give us a few more days? I promise we’ll get our hands on the treasure map for you!” Trent said earnestly.

“Yeah, Lord Tyler! Just give us a little more time, and we’ll definitely fulfill our agreement!” Kate nodded repeatedly.

“I hate people who break their promises. We agreed that you would provide the treasure map before the engagement. If you can’t do it, the engagement banquet tomorrow will be canceled, and there’s no need for our two families to have any further contact,” Tyler said with a blank expression.

“What?!” Upon hearing this, both Trent and Kate’s faces changed dramatically.

Now, the Harmon family was in turmoil, and various forces were beginning to move. Without the protection of the Grant, the power they had just gained would quickly evaporate.

“Lord Tyler! We can’t cancel the engagement!” Kate panicked and assured, “Please give us another chance. We will definitely retrieve the treasure map for you!”

Having finally had the opportunity to marry into a top-tier family and become the wife of a general, she was not willing to give up so easily. Regardless of the cost, she would maintain her current status.

“Go ahead, don’t let me down,” Tyler waved his hand, signaling them to leave.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Kate and Trent did not dare to hesitate and quickly took their leave.

After leaving the study, Trent couldn’t help but worry, “Daughter, we only have one night. How are we going to retrieve the treasure map?”

All their previous efforts had been in vain, and the situation was now even more challenging.

“Dad, we can’t afford to be soft-hearted anymore. We must take decisive action, or else if we miss this opportunity, we’ll never hold our heads high again in our lives!” Kate’s eyes were filled with determination.

“Decisive action? What do you mean?” Trent suddenly felt uneasy.

“Capture Hector and use severe torture to force him to hand over the treasure map!” Kate said with a fierce look.

“Severe torture?” Trent frowned. “Daughter, he is your third uncle, our close blood relative. Isn’t this too harsh?”

Although they had openly competed with each other before, they had never crossed certain boundaries. After all, they were blood brothers, and he couldn’t bear to be so ruthless.

“Dad, we don’t have time anymore. If we don’t do this, we won’t be able to retrieve the treasure map!” Kate’s eyes were cold. “For the sake of our future and our goals, we can’t afford to be soft-hearted. This is our only chance, and we must be ruthless. Those who achieve great things need to be ruthless. This is our only opportunity, and we must be resolute!”


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