An Understated Dominance Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Two-for-One Special

As the sun began to peek over the horizon, something strange was unfolding inside a grand mansion.

Natasha, fast asleep in her cozy room, suddenly stirred as an unfamiliar noise reached her ears.

Startled, she bolted upright in her bed, quickly moving to the window, and peered through a gap in the curtains.

In the dim morning light, her eyes widened in astonishment. Several guards who had stood watch at the front door throughout the night now lay unconscious on the ground.

“What in the world?”

Natasha furrowed her brow and swiftly reached for a handgun from the bedside drawer.

Silently, she opened her bedroom door, surveyed the situation, and then hurried into her sister Ruth’s room next door.


Natasha gently shook her sister awake. When Ruth’s eyes fluttered open, Natasha placed a finger to her lips, signaling for silence. “Don’t make a sound; there’s an intruder.”

“An intruder?”

Ruth rubbed her eyes, still half-asleep. “Sis, are you sure you’re not dreaming? We have a dozen Shadowguards surrounding our house day and night. Who would dare break in?”

“Something’s happened to all our guards. It’s incredibly dangerous now. We need to get out of here!” Natasha’s face bore a grave expression.


Ruth jolted awake at this news. “Sis, who’s trying to harm us? Shouldn’t we call your husband?”

“There’s no time for that; we must leave immediately.”

Natasha made a quick decision, opening the window. After confirming no one was in sight below, she grabbed her sister and led her out the window. “Ruth, I’ll count to three, and we’ll jump together.”


Ruth’s voice quivered with fear. “Sis, it’s pretty high up here, and I’m scared.”

“It’s just the second floor, and there’s grass below. We won’t get hurt.” Natasha reassured her.

“Sis, is there no other way?” Ruth’s anxiety was palpable.

“We have no choice: it’s jump or face danger head-on.” Natasha’s resolve was unwavering.

“Ah?” Ruth hesitated.

“No more talking; it’s getting late. Three, two, one, jump!”

Without further delay, Natasha seized her sister’s hand, and together, they leaped from the second-floor window.


They landed on the lawn with a heavy but thankfully safe landing.

“Let’s go!”

Natasha held Ruth’s hand, her gun at the ready, as they quietly moved toward the back door.

As they reached the corner of the house, Natasha cautiously scanned the area outside the door. Once she verified it was clear, they made a swift exit.

But just as the two were about to slip away, a mocking voice suddenly echoed from behind.

“Natasha, where do you think you’re running to?”

Natasha’s expression instantly shifted to alertness.

She didn’t hesitate. In one smooth motion, she turned with her gun raised, prepared to take control of the situation.

But before she could fully assess the situation, a shadowy figure swiftly passed her.

In an instant, a sharp pain surged in her neck, her vision dimmed, and she collapsed unconscious.


Ruth cried out in shock, but before she could react, the enigmatic intruder approached her from behind and deftly subdued her with a swift strike, rendering her unconscious as well.

“Take them away!”

With a command, Natasha and Ruth were swiftly placed into sacks and loaded into a vehicle.

The vehicle sped away, and as the dawn broke, it finally came to a stop at the rear entrance of the Grant Mansion.

The two sacks were then silently carried into a concealed chamber.

“Sir Brayden, as you requested, we’ve brought them here, and it’s a two-for-one special.”

The leader of the shadowy group smiled.

“Hmm, excellent work. You can collect your reward now.”

Brayden nodded in approval, then waved his hand, signaling them to depart.

“Open the sacks and let’s have a look.”


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