An Understated Dominance Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Ruthless Kate

Kate’s impatience drove her to order someone to open the sacks without delay.

In no time, Natasha and Ruth, still unconscious, were released from their captivity.

“Excellent! We’ve got them both. Everything should go smoothly now,” Kate couldn’t help but wear a triumphant smile.

With these two helpless captives in their grasp, they no longer needed to worry about Hector keeping silent.

“Huh? It’s her!”

Upon seeing Natasha’s face, Brayden was momentarily taken aback and appeared somewhat startled.

“What’s the matter? Do you know her?” Kate raised an eyebrow, slightly concerned.

If there was any prior connection, things could get complicated.

“I’ve seen her once,” Brayden said with a wicked grin. “Yesterday, I had a run-in with someone at a restaurant, and a young guy had the audacity to give me a beating. This lady right here happens to be that young man’s lady.”

Ever since the altercation, he had dispatched his henchmen to investigate, but they had failed to locate Dustin.

Unexpectedly, they had managed to capture Dustin’s significant other, which was undoubtedly a stroke of luck.

“Brayden, was the guy who attacked you yesterday named Dustin?” Kate inquired swiftly.

“It appears that was his name,” Brayden confirmed.

“Then it’s settled!” Kate’s expression turned icy. “These two troublemakers (Dustin and Natasha) have been causing chaos and engaging in all sorts of outrageous activities. They’ve crossed the line and offended too many people!”

“Hehe, what a small world. Not only did they lay a beating on me, but they’ve also earned your enmity, dear sister-in-law. They’ve become our common adversaries now. I intend to exact my revenge on them during this opportunity!” Brayden chuckled with malicious glee.

His covetous gaze roved all over Natasha, as he thought it would be a waste not to savor such exquisite beauty.

“Brayden, let’s focus on the immediate task. Once we extract the treasure map from them, you can deal with these two ladies as you wish,” Kate swiftly grasped Brayden’s desires.

“Hehe, thank you, sister-in-law!”

Brayden grinned and licked his lips in anticipation.

Having both of them in their grasp was a true banquet for him.


A bucket of icy water was thrown onto Hector.

Hector, who had been unconscious, suddenly convulsed, and his awareness gradually returned.

“Uncle Hector, we meet again,” Kate stated calmly.

With time running out, she could no longer afford to conceal her identity.

“Is… is it you?” Hector struggled to open his eyes, gazing at the familiar face before him with inexplicable astonishment. “W-why?”

“Uncle Hector, let’s not beat around the bush. Hand over the treasure map, and I might spare your lives,” Kate got straight to the point.

“Kate, do you realize that we’re family? Must we resort to such ruthlessness?” Hector’s voice quivered.

He had never anticipated that the person behind his capture would be his own niece.


Kate snorted. “Uncle Hector, you’ve pushed me into this situation. You’re no longer the clan leader, so why are you holding onto the treasure map? It rightfully belongs to my father!”

“Kate, don’t you understand? If Tyler gets hold of that treasure map, the Harmon family is doomed!” Hector spoke earnestly.

“You’re speaking nonsense!”

Kate slapped Hector hard across the face. “Uncle Hector, have you lost your senses? The Harmon family is teetering on the edge of ruin. If we want to reclaim our honor, we must cooperate with the Grant family. It’s our only way out!”

“Don’t you see? Tyler is merely using all of you. Once he obtains the treasure map, you will all be expendable, and it will spell doom for you!” Hector implored with deep sincerity.

“Shut up!”

Kate slapped Hector’s face again, this time more forcefully, and then she brandished a knife at Natasha’s throat.

The sharp blade drew blood, leaving a crimson mark.


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