An Understated Dominance Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Tyler! Get Out!

“Tyler! Get the hell out here!!”

The sudden shout echoed throughout the Grants’ Mansion.

Its imposing momentum was like thunder roaring and soaring into the sky.

Filled with terrifying killing intent and boundless anger, it lingered for a long time.

“Outrageous! Who dares to shout so loudly here?”

“Such audacity! Who does this insolent thing think they are? Catch him immediately!”

“Daring and arrogant! Truly daring and arrogant!”

After a brief silence, the entire conference hall erupted into chaos.

Everyone in the Grant family stood up, filled with righteous indignation.

No one had ever dared to act so arrogantly in the Grant family, especially openly calling out Tyler’s name and speaking so disrespectfully. This was an unpardonable offense.

“This damned Dustin is truly lawless!” Kate’s face turned cold.

She knew that Dustin would come, but she didn’t expect him to be so audacious, shouting even before entering the premises.

“Tyler, to be honest, the treasure map is in Dustin’s hands. As long as we capture him, everything will be fine!” Kate smiled and said.

“You’re quite audacious, using me as a pawn?” Tyler glanced coldly at her.

“Tyler, I have no such intention!”

Kate panicked and hurriedly explained, “The main reason is that Hector betrayed us and gave the treasure map to Dustin. Moreover, the time was too rushed, and I didn’t have time to make other arrangements. I could only lead him here as bait to capture him!”

“You’re a bit clever. You used your brain. In consideration of your loyalty, I will kill Dustin for you today to eliminate future troubles.”

Tyler stood up, shook his sleeves, and then walked out of the conference hall with his head held high.

The others followed him quickly.

At this moment, at the entrance of the Grant Mansion.


With the final scream, more than a dozen Grant family guards had all been knocked to the ground by Dustin.

Every one of them had broken hands and feet, wailing in pain.

They were completely powerless to resist.

“Damn! Who is this guy? How dare he challenge the Grant family? Doesn’t he value his life?”

“He’s openly causing trouble on the day of General Tyler’s engagement. This guy is simply courting death!”

“He really doesn’t know the seriousness of the situation. He’s like a young calf that’s not afraid of the tiger.”

The guests passing by were all pointing and talking, looking at Dustin as if he were a fool.

The Grant family was one of the top three families in the region, with power, influence, connections, and even an army.

A young man who dared to act so arrogantly here, what was the difference between that and seeking death?

“Tyler! Get out here!”

While shouting, Dustin charged forward.

As he passed, the crowd scattered in all directions, afraid to provoke this reckless young man.

“Hey, young man! You’ve finally come? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

At this moment, Brayden suddenly blocked Dustin’s path.

Behind him was a group of martial experts, all of them eager and vigilant.


Dustin’s face darkened, his eyes filled with killing intent. “I warn you, release the hostage immediately, or I will turn the Grant family into a river of blood!”

“A river of blood?”

Upon hearing this, Brayden burst into laughter. “Kid! Who do you think you are? Open your dog eyes wide and take a look. This is the Grant family, my territory! I can decide whether you live or die. Why do you have the audacity to threaten me?”

“I’ll say it one more time, release the hostage immediately!” Dustin gritted his teeth.

“If you want me to release her, you must hand over the treasure map first. Then, kneel down and learn to bark like a dog. When I’m satisfied, I’ll consider letting her go.”

Brayden crossed his arms, a mocking smile on his face.

“Hahahaha… Did you hear that? Kneel down and bark like a dog!”

A group of martial experts behind him burst into laughter.

“Who is this person? Does he really not care about his life? He’s openly defying the Grant family on the day of General Tyler’s engagement.”

“Tyler! Get out here!”

Dustin shouted again, his voice filled with determination.

“Beat him to death!”


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