An Understated Dominance Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228 Crazy Bull Fist

Brayden’s expression turned cold, and he suddenly waved his hand to give an order.

“Get out of the way! Let me handle this!”

At this moment, a burly man suddenly jumped out and charged toward Dustin.

He was fast, powerful, and ran like a wild buffalo, unstoppable.

Halfway through, the burly man suddenly clenched his fist and gathered his strength. One of his arms instantly swelled, veins popping out, looking like Popeye.

“Crazy Bull Fist!”

The burly man shouted loudly, and his punch, filled with tremendous force, slammed directly into Dustin’s face.

“Maddox is quite ruthless, starting with a killer move.”

“This punch is something I can’t even block. What about that skinny guy?”

“Heh heh… If he dies in Maddox’s Crazy Bull Fist, this kid won’t have died in vain.”

The martial artists around them laughed and joked, watching the scene like they were watching a show.

Among this group of people, although Maddox was not the strongest, he was still a formidable martial expert.

If it were an ordinary martial artist, one punch would be fatal.

“Get lost!”

Dustin completely ignored the burly man’s attack, and with a raised hand, he delivered a punch before the opponent could strike.


With a loud explosion, the burly man’s body exploded like a watermelon hit by a cannonball.

It turned into a cloud of blood mist, floating down.


Seeing this scene, the martial artists were dumbfounded.

They were all dumbfounded, their faces filled with disbelief.

Maddox was a martial expert at the Innate level, and he had quite a reputation in the martial world.

Such a powerhouse had been shattered with a single punch.

How was this possible?!

“Damn! Did he just die like that?”

Brayden was also shocked.

He knew that Dustin was powerful, but he didn’t expect him to be this formidable, killing Maddox with just one punch.

It was truly terrifying.

“Damn it! Looks like we’ve encountered a tough opponent. Everyone, prepare to attack together!”

After the brief shock, the martial artists became serious and started to prepare for a group attack.

“Kill him!”

Brayden couldn’t help but shout as he saw Dustin approaching.


The martial artists exchanged glances and rushed forward together.

“For anyone who blocks my way, death awaits!”

Dustin’s eyes were filled with a murderous intent. He did not hold back at all and charged into the group of martial artists.

As he moved, the crowd scattered in all directions, afraid to provoke this reckless young man.


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