An Understated Dominance Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 A Slap For Kate

As Dustin’s piercing gaze swept over the scene, Brayden couldn’t help but shudder, feeling an indescribable fear surging within him. He had believed his plan was foolproof, but his opponent had shattered all his calculations with sheer force.

“Release the hostage immediately, or… face the consequences!” Dustin continued to advance, his eyes blazing with murderous intent.

“I won’t release her!” Brayden bellowed in anger and swiftly drew a concealed gun, rapidly firing it at Dustin.

As the bullets were unleashed from the gun’s barrel, Dustin’s figure suddenly vanished from his original position, only to reappear right in front of Brayden.

“You…” Brayden was taken aback, and as he attempted to step back, Dustin seized his wrist and brutally snapped it, causing Brayden to cry out in agony as he dropped the gun.

Following that, Brayden felt his breath constricting as a powerful hand clamped around his throat. His cries were abruptly silenced, and his face turned a deep shade of crimson from the lack of oxygen. Then, he watched in sheer horror as his feet slowly left the ground.

“Where is Natasha?” Dustin’s expression was fierce, his presence overwhelming.

“Let… let me go… or you’ll regret it!” Brayden struggled frantically, issuing a flurry of desperate threats.
“I’m asking you, where is Natasha?!” Dustin slowly tightened his grip on Brayden’s throat, making it difficult for him to breathe. Brayden’s face turned purple, and he desperately kicked his feet.


At that moment, a group of key members of the Grant family, accompanied by a substantial contingent of armed soldiers, advanced with a commanding and intimidating presence.

Leading them was none other than Tyler himself.

“Dustin! You certainly have some audacity! Release Brayden immediately, or prepare to meet your doom a hundredfold!” Kate shouted loudly.

She had believed that Brayden’s men would be capable of capturing Dustin, but she hadn’t anticipated their utter defeat.

“Brother… help… help me!” Brayden turned his head with difficulty, his voice strained.

“Release Natasha!” Dustin’s voice carried a deep, resolute tone, “I’ll spare your younger brother’s wretched life.”

“Natasha?” Tyler furrowed his brows slightly, and his gaze shifted to Kate standing beside him, with a hint of suspicion in his eyes. “What on earth is happening?”

“Lord Tyler, I apprehended Hector and intended to interrogate him about the treasure map’s whereabouts, but he refused to cooperate. So, I kidnapped Natasha to use as leverage,” Kate explained in a hushed voice.

“Is she harmed?” Tyler inquired.

“No, she’s unharmed,” Kate quickly nodded.

“You’ve really dug yourself into a hole! Damn it!” Tyler slapped her across the face.

“I apologize, I’ll exercise greater caution moving forward,” Kate said, forcing a smile.

Receiving an unexpected slap in front of such a crowd was undeniably humiliating, but she had no choice but to maintain her composure.
In front of so many people, being inexplicably slapped in the face was quite embarrassing, but she could only maintain a smile.


Tyler’s gaze shifted, and he said coldly, “You don’t have the right to negotiate with me. Release my brother immediately, or… die!”

With that, he made a hand signal.


A group of armed soldiers immediately swarmed in, surrounding Dustin.

Rows of black muzzles were all aimed at various vital points on his body.

As long as Tyler gave the order, countless bullets would pour out.

“A young man who doesn’t know the boundaries, daring to cause trouble in the Grant family. Now you’re done for, aren’t you?”

“In the end, he’s just a martial artist. No matter how powerful he is, what kind of storm can he create?”

“Now, releasing my brother might be your only chance. If you resist, there’s only a dead end!”

The onlookers at the scene couldn’t help but discuss the situation.


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