An Understated Dominance Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 One Life For One Life

They had never seen someone so audacious before, breaking into the Grant family in broad daylight, single-handedly holding Brayden hostage. It was like striking a rock with an egg, courting death.

“Kid, do you see this? You’re surrounded now, and all around you are soldiers of the Grant family. What makes you think you can fight against me?” Brayden sneered. “If you don’t want to die, immediately release me and then sever your own meridians, kneel down and beg for mercy. Maybe then, I might spare your life!”

“Do you believe I lack the resolve to end you? Or do you presume you can dictate my actions?” Dustin’s voice remained cold and resolute.

“Hehe… do you have the audacity? Take a look around! You’re ensnared like a rat, with no way out. Your only recourse is to kneel and surrender!” Brayden retorted with arrogance.

“Dustin! Release Brayden at once and surrender the treasure, or both you and the Harmon family will face obliteration!” Kate’s threat reverberated loudly.

“You hold hostages, and so do I. One life for one life,” Dustin attempted to temper his simmering anger.

“An eye for an eye?” Kate appeared to be contemplating her next move, casting a glance toward Tyler as if seeking his counsel.

Tyler remained silent but signaled his agreement with a nod.

In the public eye, as the head of the Grant family, he needed to uphold a certain degree of fraternity. Moreover, Dustin’s fate seemed sealed, making it a calculated risk.

“Both of you, bring that gravely injured man forward,” Kate instructed her subordinates in a hushed tone.

After a brief delay, two guards dragged the heavily wounded Hector to the forefront. Their path left a gruesome trail of bloodstains on the ground, painting a harrowing tableau.

“Hector?” Dustin’s expression changed when he saw him.

Hector, in this dire moment, was on the brink of death, his body bearing countless wounds that had turned his flesh into a gruesome tapestry of mangled skin. His condition was utterly horrifying.

“You… you should not have come…” Hector weakly lifted his head and spoke with great effort. He was in a dire predicament, and with the formidable might of the Grant family arrayed against him, Dustin seemed to have chosen a path leading to his own demise.

“Kate! You’re a savage! You won’t even spare your own uncle!” Dustin’s anger erupted uncontrollably.

Initially, he had believed that only Natasha had been captured, but he had not foreseen Hector’s suffering.

It appeared that the elder had endured severe torture.

“Enough with the chatter! Release the hostages immediately!” Kate ordered.

“Release Natasha too!” Dustin ground his teeth.

“Impossible! You just declared one life for one life. If you wish to free Natasha, you must surrender the treasure map!” Kate fired back.

“Very well, let’s start with one.”

Dustin was eager to avoid any further delay. He promptly consented. At this critical juncture, Hector’s life hung by a thread, and without immediate medical attention, his demise loomed.

“Carry this elderly man over there.”

Kate gestured, instructing two guards to transport Hector.

Observing this, Dustin gradually released his grip on Brayden, allowing him to depart.

“Cursed luck!”

Massaging his swollen neck, Brayden shot Dustin a malevolent glare before turning to make his way toward the contingent from the Grant family.

In this manner, both sides exchanged hostages.

However, as he passed by Hector, Brayden’s face suddenly turned ferocious.


Without any warning, Brayden suddenly drew a knife and stabbed it into Hector’s back.

A chilling blow was delivered.


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