An Understated Dominance Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Pang of Sadness


The sharp dagger stabbed into Hector’s back and emerged from his chest. A single drop of blood adorned the gleaming blade.


Hector’s body trembled, his expression frozen. He instinctively lowered his head to see the dagger tip protruding from his heart, slowly dripping with blood.


This sudden turn of events left everyone in shock. No one had expected Brayden to make such a sudden and deadly attack.

Wasn’t it supposed to be one life for one life?

This guy had taken it to an extreme level.

“Hector?” Dustin was also taken aback. His attention had been focused on Tyler and Kate, and he hadn’t anticipated that Brayden, as a hostage, would launch such an attack.

“Du…Dustin… Take care of my daughter… from now on…” Hector uttered his final words with great difficulty before his head slumped down, lifeless.

“Even in death, he finds relief.”

Seeing this, Kate remained cold and unmoved. She wasn’t affected at all.


Among the crowd, Trent’s face showed signs of pain. Regardless of the circumstances, the two were brothers who had grown up together and carried the weight of their family on their shoulders.

Now that Hector had been killed, Trent couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness.

However, he didn’t dare to voice his anger because he couldn’t afford to offend the murderer.

“You old bastard! Go to hell!”

Brayden laughed sinisterly, withdrew the bloody dagger, and then kicked Hector’s body forcefully in the back.


Hector’s lifeless body flew several meters and landed right at Dustin’s feet.


Dustin crouched down, his hand trembling as he checked Hector’s pulse, but his fingertips only detected lifelessness.

“He’s beyond saving.”

Hector had already been critically injured, and his life force was on the verge of extinguishing. Now, he had suffered a fatal blow, and even immortals wouldn’t be able to save him.

“Little scoundrel! Didn’t expect this, did you? Daring to defy me, this is your fate!” Brayden gloated. “Furthermore, let me tell you a cruel fact: not only will I kill your family and friends, but I will also humiliate your woman! I will torment her in front of you, make her wish for death! How does it feel? Are you angry? Do you want to kill me? Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance. From the moment you released me, you were destined to die without a burial ground! Hahaha…”

As he spoke, Brayden burst into maniacal laughter.

A small-time martial artist dared to challenge him. It was like an ant challenging a giant tree.


Dustin slowly stood up, enunciating each word, his eyes filled with boundless killing intent and ferocity.

His hair stood on end, and his clothes billowed even without a breeze. An overwhelming aura surged out from his body, shooting straight into the sky.

Everyone felt a heavy weight pressing down on their bodies, making it difficult to breathe. An indescribable sense of unease suddenly welled up within them.

It was as if a colossal crisis was rapidly brewing.

“Brayden! I will tear you apart into a thousand pieces!” Dustin couldn’t contain his anger any longer. His entire being shot forward like a fierce beast.

“Open fire! Fire quickly!”


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