An Understated Dominance Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 The Rebellion

“Dead… he’s dead?”

Kate was stunned, her beautiful eyes wide open, wearing an expression of disbelief.

She couldn’t have predicted that Dustin would actually dare to kill someone in public, especially Tyler’s own younger brother.

This guy’s actions were simply heinous!

“This is bad! Now even Natasha and the others will suffer!”

Trent muttered curses under his breath, sighing heavily.

The death of his third brother had already dealt him a significant blow. Now, if his two nieces couldn’t be spared either, it would be adding insult to injury.

Although he desired power, he never wanted to jeopardize his family’s lives.

For a moment, he couldn’t help but doubt his past decisions.

Had he made the right choice by aligning with the Grant family?



“Young man, you’ve gone too far!”

After a brief moment of shock, the Grant family’s relatives were instantly furious, loudly berating Dustin.

Having established themselves in Millsburg for many years, no one had ever dared to challenge the authority of the Grant family, let alone brutally kill a direct member of the family right in front of them.

Such behavior was audacious beyond belief!

“Dustin, you’ve defied divine authority. Today, no one can save you,” Tyler spoke coldly.

The death of his younger brother hadn’t caused much turbulence in his emotions. But Dustin, as the murderer, had openly provoked the Grant family’s authority, and he would have to pay with his life.

“Release Natasha, or else you’ll all die!”

As Dustin spoke, he kicked Brayden’s lifeless body.


Brayden flew like a soccer ball, hurtling toward Tyler at breakneck speed, like a human projectile.


Tyler coldly snorted and directly slapped Brayden’s chest.


There was a loud explosion, and Brayden’s body instantly burst apart, turning into a spray of blood and flesh that scattered everywhere.

The surrounding Grant family relatives were covered in the mist of blood, their faces turning pale.

Dustin had already shown extreme cruelty, but they hadn’t expected Tyler to be even more ruthless, not even sparing his own younger brother’s corpse.

A single palm strike had left nothing intact.

“Get him!”

Tyler ordered coldly, then took out a white handkerchief and carefully wiped the blood off his hands.


Following his command, a group of elite guards immediately drew their weapons and advanced toward Dustin.

“I dare any of you to make a move!”

At this moment, a furious shout echoed.

Cornelius led a group of Kirin Gang, charging into the scene.

A sea of people, with imposing momentum and vigor.

“How dare you!”

“Who are you people? How dare you trespass into the Grant family? You’ve got some nerve!”

“A bunch of ignorant fools! Is this a place you can just barge into? Get out now!”

“Send the order! Mobilize the army immediately to suppress this rebellion!”

The appearance of the Kirin Gang infuriated the Grant family’s relatives even more.


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