An Understated Dominance Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236 Provincial Governor and the Grand Marshal Support

The elderly man walked with an imposing presence, his face filled with authority. Invisibly, he exuded a sense of solemnity that sent shivers down one’s spine, making people feel a chill just by looking at him.

“It’s General Murray! General Murray is here!”

“Oh my goodness! What’s happening today? Why is even the reclusive General Murray appearing?”

“This is bad! The Grant family is in trouble!”

Seeing General Murray, the entire scene erupted once again.

Lord Xenos’s appearance had already been astonishing, but now that General Murray had also arrived, it was truly unbelievable.

As the former Grand Marshal who had achieved great military feats, General Murray was highly respected and influential. Throughout his life, he had fought in numerous battles, and his disciples and proteges were spread throughout the nation. Whether it was in terms of power, connections, or influence, he held a commanding position in the entire Balermo Region.

Even Lord Xenos, as the Provincial Governor, would be overshadowed by him.

“Kid, I’m here to support you today. Let’s see who dares to be audacious!”

General Murray didn’t waste any words and immediately stood by Dustin’s side, declaring his stance.

However, this action once again shocked the crowd.

“What? General Murray came because of this kid? Is this a joke?”

“How is this possible? What kind of background does this kid have to be able to invite General Murray to intervene?”

“It looks like this guy has some powerful connections.”

Whispers and discussions filled the air, and the way people looked at Dustin changed significantly.

Initially, they had thought that Dustin had come here to stir up trouble and was courting disaster. However, they now realized that he had come prepared. It turned out that he not only had martial prowess but also had powerful connections, with both the Provincial Governor and the Grand Marshal supporting him. With such backing, he could walk with his head held high.

“My God! Who is this guy?”

Kate’s expression was shocked, and she found it hard to believe. She had always thought that Dustin was just a martial artist without any power or influence. From the beginning, she had looked down on him and considered him inferior. However, she now realized how wrong she was, and her judgment had been completely off.

Dustin not only had martial skills but also had a vast network of influential connections. This made it clear that he had the qualifications to challenge the Grant family.

“Oh no! Who is this kid really?”

The Harmon family’s group of people were stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes. Their souls seemed to have left their bodies.

Natasha had been kidnapped, and Hector had been killed. They were all implicated, and Dustin, who had close ties to Natasha, was unlikely to let the matter rest. In the past, they might have been able to avoid trouble by relying on the Grant family’s power, but now that Dustin had revealed his influential connections, even the Grant family might not dare to act recklessly.

In other words, if Dustin sought revenge, they would all be in an extremely dire situation!

“Is this kid really that powerful?”

Trent’s group was shocked and dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes.


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