An Understated Dominance Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237 The Old Grant

“General Murray, the Grant family and the Murray family have never interfered with each other’s affairs. Is it really necessary for you to come here and cause trouble?” Tyler frowned.

With his current strength, he couldn’t directly confront the two giants, but that didn’t mean he had to compromise.

As the top of the Three Absolute Peaks, the Grant family naturally had its own background and strength. If they were to openly confront each other, it was still uncertain who would come out on top.

“Is it too much?” General Murray snorted. “If it weren’t for your Grant family causing trouble first, why would I appear here? Are you suggesting that only the Grant family can defend itself against aggression, but others can’t do anything?”

Today was Dustin’s birthday, and as the elder, he had originally planned to attend the celebration at the Zypher Lodge. However, when he heard about the situation, he immediately rushed over with his men.

“Tyler, if you don’t want to cause more trouble, release the hostage immediately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bear the consequences!” Lord Xenos threatened coldly.

“Lord Tyler, why don’t we… just forget about it?” Kate hesitated and weakly suggested, “Today is our engagement day. It’s not suitable to create a big scene. Let’s release Natasha first to calm the situation. As for the treasure map, we can plan for it later. What do you think?”

“Shut up!” Tyler was furious and raised his hand to slap her.

The tremendous force caused Kate to stagger and almost fall. Her beautiful face instantly became swollen.

“Lord Tyler?”

Kate covered her burning face, feeling lost.

She didn’t understand which part of her words had angered him.

“Useless! This is your fault!” Tyler’s expression was unsightly.

The Grant family had ruled Balermo for many years, and they had never bowed to anyone. If they were threatened and forced to act, it would be a blow to their reputation as a top family.

“Kid, you have three minutes to consider your actions. If you don’t apologize in time, don’t blame me for turning hostile!” General Murray issued a final warning.

“General Murray, you’re a Grand Marshal, and yet you’re bullying our family’s juniors. What kind of ability is that?” Suddenly, a hoarse and low voice echoed in the air.

People subconsciously turned their heads to look. From the inner courtyard in the distance, a white figure suddenly shot up into the sky, rising above everyone’s heads.

Following that, the white figure changed direction, like a soaring eagle, it plunged down with destructive force.

As it was about to crash heavily, the white figure spread its arms, and the impact was instantly halted.

With a light breeze beneath its feet, the figure floated down gracefully, landing without making a sound.

Fast and slow, controlled with ease. The figure displayed incredible martial arts skills.

After landing, everyone finally saw that it was an elderly man in white.

The old man was dressed in traditional clothing, had a thin stature, and a withered appearance. However, his eyes were sharp and piercing, occasionally revealing a terrifying edge.

The old man was none other than the pillar of the Grant family—Thaddeus Grant!


Seeing the newcomer, Tyler’s eyes lit up.

The previous tension in the air immediately eased.

With the appearance of Thaddeus, the Grant family’s secret weapon had come into play. Even if Lord Xenos and General Murray joined forces, they had nothing to fear.

” Loyal and Brave Count – Thaddeus?!”

Lord Xenos narrowed his eyes and became more solemn.


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