An Understated Dominance Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 Battle of the Immortals

At this point, Zachary spoke with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, “They say that military tactics and martial arts are two different things. I’m very curious to find out if your killer instincts are formidable or if my martial arts skills are superior.”

This statement caused another commotion among the crowd. It was a blatant challenge.

Indeed, they were different specialties. If it came to strategy and tactics, General Murray would have the upper hand. However, in terms of martial prowess, very few in all of Balermo could rival Zachary.

The problem was that Zachary had openly challenged General Murray, and if he refused, it would damage his reputation and prestige.

“Zachary, if you want to challenge the General Murray, you’re not qualified. Let me handle you!” A cold and clear female voice suddenly rang out.

All eyes turned toward the source of the voice, revealing a striking woman dressed in a red martial attire. She had silver short hair, and her demeanor was cold and indifferent. There was a hint of martial valor in her appearance, making her look commanding and heroic.

“Wow! It’s Scarlet Spanner! The ‘Goddess of War’ is here too!”

“Unbelievable! Did I see that right? Even Dragonmarsh’s strongest female war goddess is here? What’s going on today?”

“A battle of the immortals! It’s really a battle of the immortals!”

The appearance of Scarlet, known as the Goddess of War, caused another uproar among the crowd. These were all prominent figures at the peak of Dragonmarsh’s power. Seeing one of them was an honor, but suddenly encountering so many extraordinary individuals left them in disbelief.

“Not her again? She’s here again!” Kate exclaimed, shrinking back and hiding behind Tyler.

The memory of Scarlet single-handedly killing Dylan at the Harmon family’s residence was still fresh in her mind, and it had left her with a deep fear.

“Could it be that even the Scarlet Spanner was invited by Dustin?” Trent and the others were shocked. They couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding. Last time, they could pass it off as a coincidence, but now, it seemed that Scarlet’s presence was closely related to Dustin.


Tyler furrowed his brows and his expression turned serious. Among the younger generation in Dragonmarsh, there were very few who could compare to him. However, Scarlet was undoubtedly one of them. While he had worked hard for many years and had only achieved the rank of a third-grade Dark Panther Cavalry General, Scarlet had become a first-grade War Goddess, granting her the privilege to directly communicate with the imperial court.

The disparity between them was clear, and it was as vast as the difference between the heavens and the earth.

“Scarlet,” Tyler muttered, his face becoming more solemn.

Considering his status and abilities, he was keenly aware of the gap between them. However, since Scarlet had openly challenged him, refusing would harm his reputation and dignity.

“Scarlet, you want to challenge me? Fine, I accept your challenge. Let’s see what you’re capable of,” Tyler replied with a hint of a smile, not backing down from the confrontation with Scarlet.

“Great! I’ve been wanting to spar with you for a long time,” Scarlet responded confidently.

As the two formidable individuals prepared to face off, the tension in the room grew palpable.


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