An Understated Dominance Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241 The Twin Stars

“Hey wait, tone down a bit will you?” a small entourage made an entrance.

Leading the group was a well-dressed man, his handsome face catching everyone’s attention.

He shared some family resemblance with Scarlet and had an air of sophistication that made him stand out from the crowd.

His appearance might have seemed harmless, but the intensity in his eyes sent a shiver down people’s spines.

“Adam! The legendary God of War, Adam Spanner!” The room erupted in excitement once the man’s identity became clear.

“What? The War God, Adam Spanner? How is that possible?!”

“Oh my goodness! First, we had the Scarlet Warrior, and now the War God, Adam Spanner? Is the world turning upside down?”

“What on earth is happening? Who could possibly summon the Spanner siblings, the Twin Stars of the Spanner family?”

With Adam Spanner’s sudden appearance, the already bustling scene became even more frenzied.

You see, the reputation of War God Adam Spanner was no less impressive than that of the Warrior Goddess Scarlet. In fact, some would argue he was even more extraordinary.

Scarlet had earned her military achievements and position through sheer brute force, carving her path through battles and challenges.

But Adam Spanner was quite the opposite. While he possessed formidable martial skills, he was known for his strategic brilliance. Since joining the military, he had never lost a battle, often prevailing against larger and stronger forces. He was a true master of strategy, a military genius.

If Scarlet was known for her astounding combat skills, Adam Spanner was renowned for his unmatched intellect.

These two siblings, one excelling in martial prowess and the other in strategy, were known as the Twin Stars of the Spanner family. In the realm of military affairs in the entire kingdom, they stood head and shoulders above the rest.

“This is bad, really bad! Now that even War God Adam Spanner is here, things have taken a turn for the worse!” Kate exclaimed, his face drenched in sweat.

Facing just one formidable opponent like Scarlet was already challenging enough, but now with the addition of War God Adam Spanner, it was a double blow.

“How could this happen? Is there no hope left for the Harmon family?” Trent and the others felt their legs go weak.

Once the Grant family succumbed to the pressure, they would undoubtedly shift all the blame onto the Harmon family’s shoulders. At that point, they would become scapegoats.

“Scarlet? Adam Spanner? Why have they both come?” General Tyler’s brows furrowed deeply, his expression grim.

The Spanner siblings, known as the Twin Stars of the Spanner family, were the leading talents among the kingdom’s youth and the future pillars of the nation. Regardless of their social status or the power they held, they surpassed him by far.

The presence of both siblings felt like two mountains pressing heavily on his shoulders.

“Wow! It’s really lively here!”

Adam Spanner’s gaze swept around the area, and with everyone’s attention on him, he walked over to stand beside Dustin, smiling. “Hey, Dustin, I hope we’re not late.”

“No, you’re right on time,” Dustin nodded.

“Great,” Adam Spanner chuckled and then turned to salute both General Murray and Lord Xenos. “Greetings, General Murray, and Lord Xenos.”

“War God, there’s no need for such formalities,” Lord Xenos responded promptly.

Officially, Adam Spanner held a similar rank to Lord Xenos, but his influence and future prospects far surpassed those of the governor.

“Even you two youngsters are here. I can finally take a break,” General Murray said with a grin as he promptly stepped aside, seemingly ready to enjoy the spectacle.

“Zachary, weren’t you itching for a fight? Let me accompany you!” Scarlet wasted no time. She unsheathed her Vortexstrike Blade and pointed it directly at Zachary, her fighting spirit burning brightly.

Facing a top-tier martial master like her was a rare opportunity, and she intended to make the most of it today.

“Um…” Zachary’s expression froze, and he instinctively glanced at his comrade, Thaddeus.

Engaging in a brawl with General Murray wasn’t much of a concern because the Grant family didn’t fear the General’s Mansion. They even had the upper hand in that situation.

However, Scarlet was different. She wasn’t just the Dragonmarsh’s Warrior Goddess; she also had the backing of the royal Spanner family, enjoying the trust and favor of the ruling elites.


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