An Understated Dominance Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244 Teacher and Student

When the Spanner siblings, the Twin Stars of the Spanner family, appeared, they initially thought that the Grant family’s situation was dire, and they had mentally prepared themselves to be scapegoats.

However, the arrival of Byron Ironsides and the others was like a ray of light in the darkness, giving them hope for survival.

What did Lord Xenos or General Murray matter? Even with the Spanner siblings added into the mix, they couldn’t truly threaten the Grant family’s position in the face of the group of high-ranking officials led by the Minister of War.

“Tyler, today is your engagement day, and I don’t have much to offer as a gift. This jade pendant has been with me for many years, and I’m giving it to you now. I hope you will continue to excel and reach new heights in the future,” Byron Ironsides said with a smile as he handed a simple jade pendant to Tyler.

“Thank you, Teacher.”

Tyler received it with great respect.

“Lord Viscount, something seems amiss here. Why does it look so tense?” Byron Ironsides quickly noticed that something was wrong.

“Mr Ironsides, today our family has encountered some trouble. Thanks to your timely arrival, otherwise, my Viscount’s mansionwould have been torn down by now,” Thaddeus said with a hint of meaning.

“Oh? Who dares to be so bold and cause trouble at the Viscount’s mansion?” Byron Ironsides raised an eyebrow.

“From afar and yet near.” Thaddeus glanced forward.

Byron Ironsides followed his gaze and scanned the faces of the people one by one. “The Governor of Millsburg, the Respected Veteran, the Spanner siblings… Quite a few people have come.”

“Teacher, these guys are being too audacious. I hope you can ensure justice for us,” Tyler said respectfully.

“Don’t worry, with your teacher here, no one will dare to make trouble,” Byron Ironsides said confidently, his gaze fixed on the group led by Dustin. “Today, if you’re here to offer your congratulations, I will welcome you, but if you intend to cause trouble, I, Byron Ironsides, will never agree!”

“Mr Ironsides, we’re not here to cause trouble. It’s the Grant family that has offended someone they shouldn’t have,” Adam Spanner calmly said. “In consideration of our shared official positions, I advise you not to meddle in this matter unnecessarily to avoid making enemies.”

“Oh? Are you trying to threaten me?” Byron Ironsides sneered. “Adam Spanner, if your father were here, I might show some restraint, but as for you two, you still have a long way to go.”

While the Spanner family held considerable power, Byron Ironsides was not a pushover. He had reached his current position through a vast network of connections throughout the imperial court. Two young juniors like them didn’t need to be overly cautious in his presence.

“Byron Ironsides! I don’t have the patience to argue with you. If you dare to intervene on behalf of the Grant family, don’t blame me for turning my back on you!” Scarlet pointed her sword at him, her eyes sharp.


At this moment, Lucas Bradley, the Commander of the Imperial City Army, suddenly stepped forward and reprimanded, “Scarlet! Do you have no respect for your elders? Regardless of the circumstances, Mr Ironsides is your senior. Your disrespectful words here are disgraceful!”

“Lucas! Who do you think you are? Do you even have the right to interfere in my affairs?” Scarlet was unapologetic.

“Scarlet! Don’t get too arrogant! Even though you are a War Goddess, I may not necessarily fear you!” Lucas Bradley retorted sternly.

As the Commander of the Imperial City Army, he was only a second-ranked martial general, but he held considerable power and was highly trusted by the imperial family. Even in the face of the Dragonmarsh’s War Goddess, he had the qualifications to challenge her.

“If you’re not afraid, then let’s have a fight following the rules of martial generals, where life and death are left to fate!” Scarlet slowly raised her sword.


Just as Lucas Bradley was about to react, Byron Ironsides raised his hand to stop him. “Scarlet, this is not the borderlands. You can’t act recklessly here. If you dare to cause trouble, I will personally report it to the imperial court!”

“Count me in…”

At this moment, Alistair Drake, the eldest son of Duke Marcus Drake, also stepped forward and calmly said, “Bullying government officials, causing a commotion at the Viscount’s mansion, such arrogance and lawlessness, my duke’s mansionwill not stand idly by.”

“That’s right! We will not allow anyone to act lawlessly here!”

At this moment, the group of high-ranking officials and dignitaries from Balermo also spoke up in support.

In an instant, the momentum on the Grant family’s side was overwhelming.


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