An Understated Dominance Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245 Scarlet’s Recklessness

“You think you can outnumber us? I want to see how many men you all have!” Seeing the constant clamoring of the crowd, Scarlet didn’t waste any time and raised her sword, appearing particularly irritable.

However, before she could swing her sword, it was blocked by Dustin’s intervention. “Don’t be impulsive,” he said to Scarlet.

With Scarlet’s temperament, she was naturally unafraid of killing. But if she did so now, the consequences would be severe. The people on the other side were all high-ranking officials and nobles from Balermo, with prominent status and reputation. If any harm came to them, Scarlet would undoubtedly face repercussions, possibly even being removed from her position.

Spanner’s family was already under scrutiny from many enemies, and if someone found an opportunity to exploit, they would make a big deal out of it, just as they did with the fabricated rebellion accusations.

Dustin didn’t want Scarlet to get into such a serious trouble just because of him.

“Brother Dustin, these people are just bullies. If we don’t teach them a lesson, they won’t understand fear,” Scarlet stared fiercely at the group of people on the other side.

“I understand, let me handle this matter,” Dustin said calmly.

“Is this your reinforcement? Do you think you have anybody else?” Byron Ironsides sneered when he noticed Dustin.

In his eyes, Dustin was just an unknown junior. He didn’t understand why he should engage in a conversation with him.

“Byron Ironsides, I’m just seeking justice. I hope you can help us,” Dustin said calmly, not showing any submission.

“Justice? Hmph! You trespassed into the Viscount’s mansion, caused a public disturbance, and threatened me for justice?” Byron Ironsides snorted, “Let me warn you, leave immediately with your people, or else you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

“Byron Ironsides, I’m running out of patience. Don’t force me,” Dustin’s expression grew colder.

He had already shown considerable restraint, but the people in front of him seemed to be unyielding.

“Force you? So what? Who are you? Should I be scared? With just one word from me, I can destroy your family?” Byron Ironsides said sternly.

“You’re pushing it!”

Dustin was about to speak, but Scarlet couldn’t hold back any longer.

Suddenly, she raised her sword and thrust it towards Byron Ironsides’s chest.

The strike was fast, accurate, and ruthless, with no room for mercy. She was aiming to take a life.


Lucas Bradley, who was standing beside her, shouted and swiftly drew his sword, striking heavily.


When the sword and sword collided, it produced a sharp, ear-piercing metallic clash.

Lucas Bradley was pushed back several steps and almost stumbled, while his sword snapped in half.

In contrast, Scarlet’s sword only shook slightly, and she quickly resolved the force, then lifted her sword to attack Byron Ironsides again.


Byron Ironsides’s eyelids twitched, shocked by Scarlet’s recklessness.

He hadn’t expected her to be so impulsive as to openly attempt murder in front of so many high-ranking officials and nobles. She completely disregarded the laws of the court and the dignity of the emperor.

She seemed like a madwoman!

At this critical moment, Zachary suddenly acted, reaching out and pushing Scarlet’s sword off course.


Scarlet furrowed her brows as she prepared to continue her attack.

However, a loud shout suddenly rang out at the entrance.

“Her Royal Highness, the Princess, has arrived!”


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