An Understated Dominance Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 the Princess of Theswe

All eyes turned towards the source of the sound.

At the entrance, a group of armed guards escorted several noblemen into the mansion.

Leading them was a well-dressed young woman. She appeared to be in her thirties, well-preserved and exuded an air of elegance and grace. Her every move and gesture carried the aura of a seasoned aristocrat.

Accompanying the young woman was a handsome young man who walked with his hands in his pockets and seemed rather carefree.

“My goodness! It’s the Princess of Theswe! Why is she here?”

“The Princess of Theswe? You mean the one from West Lucozia?”

“Of course! Who else would dare to be called the Princess of Theswe?”

Seeing the beautiful young woman, the entire scene erupted in murmurs once again.

Even the group of high-ranking officials and nobles from Balermo showed signs of awe and respect.

While they might not be afraid of ordinary princesses, the Princess of Theswe was different. Her status and power far surpassed that of regular princesses.

On one hand, it was because the King of Theswe held immense military and political power, being the only one among the nobles to have his name incorporated into the country’s name. His status was on par with the emperor himself, often referred to as the highest-ranking individual under the heavens, the number one figure in the Dragonmarsh.

With a powerful husband like that, the position of the Princess of Theswe naturally held great prestige.

But the most crucial reason was that, before marrying the King of Theswe, she had been the eldest Princess of Dragonmarsh, the emperor’s own sister!

This was the fundamental reason why she was so revered.

“Strange, isn’t the Princess of Theswe usually residing in West Lucozia? Why is she here in Balermo?” A group of officials exchanged puzzled glances, surprised by her unexpected appearance.

“Lord Viscount, do you have some connection with the Princess of Theswe?” One official asked curiously.

“Connection?” Lord Viscount’s expression froze, then he shook his head.

What qualifications did he have to establish a connection with the Princess of Theswe? He was just a minor Viscount without real power, while she was the most powerful princess.

The gap between them was like night and day.

“If the Princess of Theswe didn’t come because of the Viscount’s mansion, then it must be because of Byron Ironsides’ influence that she’s here to show her support,” Lucas suddenly spoke up.

“That’s right! Among us, only Byron can strike up a conversation with the Princess of Theswe,” Alistair chimed in.

Although Byron Ironsides, as a First-Rank Minister of the War Ministry, couldn’t match the Princess of Theswe in status, he had extensive connections and a degree of friendship with her.

“If it weren’t for the Princess of Theswe’s visit in connection with the Viscount’s mansion, then it’s definitely because of Byron Ironsides’s reputation that she’s here,” a group of officials speculated.

“Me?” Byron was slightly puzzled.

He had only met the Princess of Theswe a few times and couldn’t really say they had any deep connection. Why would she suddenly pay him a visit? Did she need something from him?

“Teacher, I didn’t expect you to have such amazing connections. To have the Princess of Theswe personally intervene, I’m truly in awe!” Tyler expressed his admiration.

“Haha… with the Princess of Theswe’s support, even the Spanner Family’s twin stars will have to bow down!” Thaddeus was all smiles.

“You truly live up to your reputation, Lord Viscount!” The group of officials showered him with praise.

A few sweet words made Byron feel quite delighted. Although he found the situation strange, he was the only one in the Viscount’s mansion who could directly converse with the Princess of Theswe.

Thinking this, Byron straightened his collar, put on a smile, and went to greet the Princess of Theswe, saying respectfully, “Your Highness, the Princess of Theswe, it’s an honor to have you here. Please forgive me for not welcoming you sooner.”


Without warning, the elegant young woman raised her hand and delivered a resounding slap across Byron’s face. She then coldly uttered two words, “Kneel down!”


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