An Understated Dominance Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248 The Future King of West Lucozia

“Indeed, every smoke has fire. Now, all we can do is hope that the Princess of Theswe won’t redirect her wrath towards the Grant family,” Thaddeus uttered with a dry mouth.

Gone was his former pride, replaced by fear and uncertainty. The unexpected presence of the Princess of Theswe had turned the situation on its head.

“Hmph! A bunch of audacious rascals. If the King is here, each and every one of you would lose your heads!” the elegant young woman coldly snorted.

In front of the gathered audience, Princess Elara walked gracefully towards where Dustin was standing. She abandoned her previous aloof and arrogant demeanor, replacing it with a rare smile. “Logan, it’s been a long time. Have you been well these years?”

“Thank you for your concern, Princess Elara. I have been living well,” Dustin replied with a slight nod, maintaining his composure. He didn’t harbor any strong feelings of hatred towards the woman before him, nor did he hold much affection for her.

“Ten years have passed so quickly. You’ve grown so much. I almost didn’t recognize you,” the elegant young woman smiled and then gestured behind her, saying, “Thorian, what are you waiting for? Come and greet your big brother.”

“Big brother?”

Thorian Rhys stood there in astonishment, his eyes filled with disbelief, joy, and amazement as he examined Dustin from head to toe. After rubbing his eyes to confirm that the person before him was indeed Logan, Thorian rushed forward and embraced Dustin tightly, his tears flowing freely.

“Sob… Big brother, I’ve missed you so much!”

“I heard from the old man that you were still alive, but I couldn’t believe it. It’s so great to see you again!”

“Ten years, a whole ten years! Do you know how I’ve spent these ten years, brother?”

“You promised to take me on adventures, but you secretly left and left me alone at home. You’re so heartless!”

“Sob… sob…”

Thorian completely disregarded his image as he hugged Dustin and cried bitterly.

His aggrieved and resentful appearance was like a little wife who had been abandoned by her husband.

“Alright, alright, you’re in your twenties now. Why are you crying like this?” Dustin patted his shoulder.

Thorian, the half-brother from a different mother but the same father, was known for being a troublemaker with a rebellious attitude in front of other people. However, when he was in front of his older brother, he dared not display any insolence. The reason for this was simple: he had been subjected to numerous beatings while growing up, and as a result, he had learned to behave when in his brother’s presence.

Despite the frequent beatings, Thorian seemed to be like a piece of chewing gum that stuck to his older brother even more as he grew older, refusing to be shaken off.

“Sniff… I’m just so happy! It’s been so many years, and now that we’re finally reunited, can’t you let me cry for a while?” Thorian sobbed uncontrollably, his tears and snot running down his face.

Seeing this, the people around them were left in shock and disbelief.

Wasn’t this the Little Prince?

Why did he look like a fool crying?

“Don’t worry, cry as much as you want. I have some business to attend to now.” Dustin pushed aside the tearful Thorian with disdain.

“Oh, I almost forgot about the matter at hand.”

Thorian wiped away his tears and snot and then suddenly looked at Byron with a hostile expression. “Brother, did this old man bully you? Watch me deal with him!”

With that, he charged forward.

“Little Prince…”

Byron Ironsides was just about to speak when suddenly, Thorian leaped up and delivered a swift kick right to his face.


Byron was sent tumbling through the air, crashing hard onto the ground, and he let out a painful groan.

His wrinkled face was now smeared with blood, and he had lost two of his front teeth. He looked incredibly miserable.

“Old man! Do you even realize who you’ve upset?” Thorian loomed over him, shouting with anger. “Allow me to remind you loudly—who you’ve offended happens to be none other than my big brother, Logan! He’s the renowned Kirin (a dragon-horse-lion hybrid legendary one-of-a-kind creature), and he’s destined to become the King of West Lucozia!”

“I must inquire, do you possess even a smidgen of intelligence in that little brain of yours to dare to challenge the Rhys family? To provoke the entire stronghold of the future King of West Lucozia? Huh?”


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